Hyderabad: Ugly sight gives way to beautiful greenery

Ugly sight gives way to beautiful greenery

Ugly sight gives way to beautiful greenery


  • A solid waste management unit is set up on a 3-acre dump yard
  • This is fifth unit set up by NGO Gandipet Welfare Society
  • The NGO takes over dump yards and converts them into SWM parks

Benefits of SWM unit

With growing population, the dump yards expand at massive scale contaminating ground water, air and environment. With SWM the expansion of dump yards is arrested

♦ SWM units segregate and recycle tonnes of garbage daily

♦ Wet waste is converted to manure and used as natural fertilizers for nurseries and agriculture

♦ Dry waste like paper and plastic is recycled to industries concerned

♦ Reject waste like bio waste, sanitisers and plastic is sent to incinerators

♦ Latest and safe methods are used at the SWM units

Hyderabad: After running solid waste management (SWM) units at four different locations, the Gandipet Welfare Society (GWS) expanded its services by launching another huge unit at Aziz Nagar, Moinabad under Ranga Reddy district. Collector Amoy Kumar inaugurated the unit at Aziz Nagar on Wednesday.

With this, the NGO which works for environment-friendly projects like 'Garbage Free Cities' by forming SWM units in urban local bodies has so far formed five units at different locations.

"We have four of our SWM units at Gandipet, Aziz Nagar, Yenkepally and Khanapur under Ranga Reddy District besides Coonor at Nilgiri Mountains, Tamilnadu. Proposals to form similar units at places like Ibrahimpatnam, Turkayamjal and Shadnagar are also getting into shape as the ground work has already begun," informed Godala Aravind Reddy, General Secretary Gandipet Welfare Society (GWS).

The NGO, headed by president, Venugopal Vippulancha took over the dump yards of municipalities and upgraded it into solid waste management (SWM) parks. "The NGO also takes up CSR proposals and facilitates all the required gears to set up SWM units," he explained.

Spread over three acre at Aziz Nagar, this dump yard was recently converted into a waste management park with a nursery on the premises. This unit aims to serve 2,000 families living in the proximity of dump yard.

"Here we collect and segregate 60 tonnes of wet waste, 4 tonnes of dry waste and one tonne of reject waste in a well organised manger. Incinerators are also used to dispose of the reject waste like diapers and single use plastics by turning them into ashes. It is a dignified way of working in dump yard for sanitary staff and collection boys who feel a sense of satisfaction while working in these units," claims Rajashree Pinnamaneni, vice president GWS.

Sheetal Parmar, treasurer, GWS, said, "Besides setting up SWM units, our organisation also works to educate communities about the importance of waste management. We often hold awareness programmes at schools and nearby villages," she asserted.

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