Live Updates: Narendra Modi in Telangana

Live Updates: Narendra Modi in Telangana

Narendra Modi in Telangana


The whole country is witnessing how much time has been taken to form the State cabinet in Telangana. Had the State Assembly elections took place along with the parliament elections thousands of crores

might have saved.

KCR was advised by astrologers to postpone the State Assembly elections.

KCR benefited from Mahbubnagar and become the Chief Minister. But, after coming to power he forgot the people and only worked for his only family

TRS and AIMIM alliance is working for the appeasement politics

Those who have completely neglected Palamuru are on onside. On the other, is your Chowkidar who is working concerned about providing education health of the people of Mahabubnagar.

I ask people to think about the development activities like national highways and railways in the Telangana.

More development might have taken place in the State. But, the State government is not willing to implement it. TRS is trying to brand the central projects as its own.

TRS promised to provide double bedroom houses in Telangana. How many houses have been given so far? But, 1.5 crore people are so far benefited from the housing scheme rolled out by the Centre.

Similarly, the TRS has failed to implement the Ayushman Bharat scheme rolled out by the Centre to provide Rs 5 lakh annual health coverage for the poor households in Telangana.

The Centre has provided about 7 crore free LPG connections and nearly 9 lakh benefited in the State.

For so long, implementation of reservations have been used as vote banks than giving social justice.

We have decided to provide 10 per cent reservations for the Economically Backward Classes.

For us, delivering social justice matters more than the vote bank politics

Modi appeals to people to caste their vote Chowkidar than those work for dynastic politics.

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