Mahabubabad: Doctor's timely help saves 2 lives

Mahabubabad: DoctorDr Md Mukram (Inset Photo)

It was a long Tuesday for Dr Md Mukram, a medical officer working with the Primary Health Centre (PHC) at Gangaram of Mahabubabad district

Mahabubabad: It was a long Tuesday for Dr Md Mukram, a medical officer working with the Primary Health Centre (PHC) at Gangaram of Mahabubabad district.

Dr Mukram got a distress call that a pregnant woman due for delivery was helplessly stranded in a remote Polaram village, when he was about to leave for Yellandu on Tuesday evening after having done for the day.

Apparently, the doctor, who was on Roza (fasting), was hungry and was due for a well-deserved iftar (breaking the fast after sunset with a meal).

However, he opted to save the life of a 28-year-old Gatti Manjula, who was suffering labour pains and in need of immediate medical attention.

The village was tucked in a remote Agency area and lacked transport facilities due to lockdown. The ambulance service available in the area had left to attend another urgent call by another PHC.

It left the Dr Mukram with no option but to rush to the village, about 20 kilometers from Gangaram, by his car at about 7 pm. Adding more woes to the situation, there was no electricity in the village.

However, he managed to locate the pregnant woman with the help of Asha worker Padma and ANM Shiva Rani. By then Manjula was in grave danger due to leaking of amniotic fluid.

Again, onus fell on Dr Mukram to take her to the hospital in his car on a bumpy road. Somehow, he shifted Manjula to the hospital in Gangaram where she gave birth to a baby girl at around 10.30 pm.

The problem didn't end here as the baby didn't respond after the birth due to aspiration. However, after suction aspiration, the baby came to senses and started crying, giving a huge relief to all.

Dr Mukhram said: "It would have been difficult to save the baby if the delivery had taken place in the village. There was no time to wait for the ambulance as the mother's condition was worsening. Both mother and child were lucky. Now, they are doing well. We also gave KCR Kit to the mother, who was discharged on Wednesday."

It was well past midnight by the time Dr Mukram had reached his home and had dinner. The doctor has come in for all praise from District Collector VP Gautham, who termed it as inspiring.

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