Parents yearn for safe return of students stranded in Kyrgyzstan

Parents yearn for safe return of students stranded in Kyrgyzstan

They urge the Indian government to take steps and airlift them back home as soon as possible

Hyderabad: Due to the ongoing violence in Kyrgyzstan’s capital Bishkek, parents of Telangana medical students who are stuck there are worried and feel that their wards may face issues due to violence. They are appealing to the Indian government to airlift them as soon as possible.

An estimated 1,500 students from the two Telugu states in Kyrgyzstan are pursuing medical courses. Parents are asking why the Indian government is silent and not taking any measures to evacuate the students from Bishkek, when other countries especially Pakistan has taken measures to evacuate their students. Also, they urged the Telangana state government to take immediate action for the safety of Telangana students. It would be better if they set up a special committee to coordinate with the Indian Embassy in Kyrgyzstan to continuously monitor their situation, they say.

According to the students, things appear to be normal since Monday but there is still terrifying situation on the streets, as many police cars are lined up near their lanes. Though the attacks have been reduced, students are advised to stay indoors. Also, as there are no evacuation plans by the Indian government, the students found that the airfare of regular flights has shot up due to high demand. The tickets for connecting flights, which reportedly used to cost Rs 25,000, are now priced at over Rs 45,000 and we do not know how we will come back to our homeland, shared a few students.

Sharing a harrowing experience, one of the Telugu students, who is pursuing MBBS at Bishkek, said, “I never thought I would face such a pathetic situation. For the past five days, we were forced to stay indoors without switching on any lights and also were asked not to make any noise.

I heard that many locals were knocking on the doors of the foreign nationals living near the capital. At present the situation is under control but we don’t know, as anything can happen anytime.”

Laxman, whose son Akash is studying MBBS, said, “My son is scared because of what has happened in the country in the last two days. I only want my son to return home safely with other students. I have spoken to him, he said the situation is controlled, but still they are not permitted to step outside.”

Dr D Vageeshwari, who is a medical student at S Tentishev Medical Institute, Kant, Kyrgyzstan, said, "My sister and her classmates are suffering from the situation. They couldn't step out of the house and were not even in a position to switch on the lights.

They have no proper sleep, and have a lot of anxiety and fear. Only college management is supplying the groceries for their daily needs. Parents are worried about their well-being and safety in the current situation. It will be better if the Indian Embassy brings our loved ones back to India safely.”

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