Polling staff given training on counting of votes

Polling staff given training on counting of votes

The DEOs/ROs and AROs were given training and orientation on Monday in view of counting of votes scheduled on May 23.

Hyderabad: The DEOs/ROs and AROs were given training and orientation on Monday in view of counting of votes scheduled on May 23.

All the DEOs and ROs were explained about various legal provisions involved in counting and the detailed step by step process for pre-counting and counting.

They were told not to give scope for any kind of criticism from any quarter and to follow the instructions of ECI scrupulously in this regard like ensuring presence of candidates, agents and observers at the time of opening of strong room, etc. and that the AROs shall be vigilant during the counting and to guide the counting staff step by step for the first two rounds so as to finalise the counting process.

The ROs and AROs were explained in detail about various possible poll day problems and the way to address the same in accordance with the legal provisions and guidelines of ECI.

They were also informed of various measures that need to be taken after completing of the counting like safe custody of voting machines, sealing of election related papers and records, etc. besides furnishing information to ECI in the prescribed formats about the declaration of result.

With regard to counting of postal ballot, the Ros/DEOs and AROs have been directed to ensure all necessary arrangements as per the directions of the ECI for smooth process of counting of large number of Electronically Transmitted Postal Ballot like installation of computers, necessary software besides internet connectivity since this is a new feature incorporated by the ECI in all the PCs for Lok Sabha elections 2019.

All the ROs were sensitised about the additional measures to put in place by way of reading the QR Codes on the labels affixed on the envelopes and on the declaration of electors in order to confirm their genuineness duly keeping the time consumed for this process in view. The subject-expert from ECI has explained in detail about the requirements of infrastructure and advance planning in this regard.

The DEOs/ROs and AROs were also informed about the utilisation of SUVIDHA Counting Application in the process of counting.

The Master Trainer from ECI has explained the requirement of infrastructure including the IT support for working on SUVIDHA and the need for training the technical staff to acquaint themselves with the data entry during the counting.

The declaration of round result shall be done only after feeding the data into the SUVIDHA portal.

CEO Rajat Kumar and Senior Consultant from ECI, Bhanwarlal, interacted with the ROs and AROs and asked them to perform their duties with seriousness and to conduct the counting process strictly adhering to the rules and guidelines of ECI.

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