Secunderabad: Public angst brims over

Chinnarayuni Cheruvu-8 acres (Old Alwal) (left); Kotha Cheruvu- 20 acres (Temple Alwal) (Right)

Chinnarayuni Cheruvu-8 acres (Old Alwal) (left); Kotha Cheruvu- 20 acres (Temple Alwal) (Right)


Wretched state of water bodies in Alwal points to utter neglect by govt


STP should be constructed near lakes

♦ Stop inflow of sewage water

♦ Avert rampant growth of hyacinth

♦ Take up cleaning up lakes at earliest

Secunderabad: Once again the three lakes Kotha Cheruvu (20 acres, Temple Alwal), Chinnarayuni Cheruvu (8 acres, Old Alwal) and Mullakunta Cheruvu (8 acres, Maccha Bolarum) are wallowing in official neglect. Once they used to be sprawling scenic fresh water bodies and sport serene surroundings.

At present, they present a sorry picture. The lakes are almost covered with a thick blanket of hyacinth weeds. Their surrounded are teeming with piles of trash and add to, the inflow of untreated sewage water spoils the scene entirely and fills air with stench. People in nearby settlements bemoan that GHMC is neglecting revival of the water bodies despite several complaints and representations.

"GHMC is giving importance to hardly a few lakes in the city and the rest are neglected. They should clean up the water bodies. Water is hardly visible and the lakes look like vast green fields, as they have not been cleaned for a long time. With thick layer of weeds and moss acting as breeding grounds, the mosquito menace has multiplied manifold.

We fear outbreak of vector-borne diseases in the areas nearby. As if this is not enough, in Kotha Cheruvu area, illegal encroachment of the land is thriving and many times we took the matter to the notice of revenue department, but no action is taken yet," said Dr GV Rao, the general secretary of Greater Alwal Allied Service Association (GAASA).

"Apart from the mosquito menace, the garbage dumped nearby lakes has turned out as an eyesore to the locals. The garbage is being discharged into the water body through nalas and manual dumping. GHMC officials are only giving false promises that they would clean the lake. We have many times requested the GHMC officials at Alwal to install STP (sewage treatment plant) at Alwal lakes so that it would be a great relief to locality over here.

Still, now no permanent solution is taken to stop letting sewage into the lake or to divert the sewage from the lake. As now it is high time GHMC should make a proper plan to clean the lake," said Murali Krishna, working president, Federation of New Bolarum Colonies (FNBC).

"All these three lakes need urgent attention. As the sewage water is flowing into them, it would be better if GHMC plans to construct a storm water drain. I see the lake size shrinking over time. Despite several appeals and petitions to the authorities concerned, they have done nothing to save the lake," said Ramesh, a resident of Alwal.

"We have received several complaints regarding lakes issues and have allotted a private agency for cleaning water hyacinth and very soon the cleaning works would start. After approval from the irrigation and revenue department, we would develop a walking track also fence the lakes," said V Mamatha, Zonal Commissioner, Kukatpally Zone.

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