Showcasing cultural diversity

The newly opened Moolagundam Art Gallery, which was inaugurated by Ram V Sutar, the designer of the Statue of Unity.

The Gallery is conducting an exhibition titled 'Hallucinations' – curated by visual artists Anita and Vilas Kulkarni.

In the expo Sutar enthralled the audience with his art expertise when he drew a beautiful sketch of a woman just in minutes.

The collection of art works by over forty-five artists spanning over three centuries brought together for this exhibition, 'Hallucinations' makes for an incredible journey for every art lover.

It makes you travel through time, through art movements, through trends, and plot the history of the subcontinent by way of its reflection in Indian art by the pioneers of their time.

It cuts across geographic divisions, and political markers to give an essence of the magnificent journey that Indian art has taken, and while on this journey, has surpassed its preceding phase to reach a greater height in global recognition and artistic creativity.

Artworks in this exhibition weave together a tapestry of the rich cultural diversity of the sub-continent and celebrate the pioneering creativity of the artists featured here.

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