Shun fear to keep Covid away

Sunkari Biksham Goud

Sunkari Biksham Goud


  • Get rid of negativity
  • Doing light exercise, yoga, eating healthy food, fruits, taking medicines and maintaining mental balance helps
  • Ginger tea after breakfast, non-veg lunch, sprouts as snacks in evening and rotis with leaf vegetables for dinner, following doctor's instructions help for fast recovery

Nalgonda: Here is a story of how three brothers of Nalgonda district, who had ignored safety normsand became victims of Covid-19

They had given more importance to political activities and bypassed safety norms. By the time they realised the mistake it was too late. Their journey with Corona started when one of the trio, Sunkari Biksham Goud, PRTU Nalgonda district president, tested positive. He was active in the MLC poll campaign. The others followed the sibling's suit.

Though initially a bit upset, they decided to to remain in house quarantine for two weeks. "First and foremost thing we did was to get rid of fear and negativity about the virus. Without pressing the panic button, and raising alarm, we devised a regimen that included doing light exercise, yoga, eating hot healthy food, fruits, taking medicines on time and maintaining mental balance.

Ginger tea after having hot breakfast, non-veg food during lunch, sprouts as snacks in the evening and rotis with leaf vegetables for dinner, along with following doctor's instructions helped them recover fast. They thanked Biksham's wife, Dhana Laxmi, for taking personal care and also saying they were not alone and the entire family was behind them. The brothers advise patients not to consider Corona as a life-taking demon. "Just ignore the infection and lead a normal life during quarantine with a smile to develop immunity and to win over the virus

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