Three dimension approach required in life, Governor tells students

Three dimension approach required in life, Governor tells students

Speaking at the 80th Convocation of the Osmania University on Monday, Governor E.S.L. Narasimhan told the students never to forget the 3Ds in life i.e. discipline, diligence and dedication.

Hyderabad: Speaking at the 80th Convocation of the Osmania University on Monday, Governor E.S.L. Narasimhan told the students never to forget the 3Ds in life i.e. discipline, diligence and dedication.

In his opening remarks, as Chancellor of the University, the Governor offered his apologies for the delay in award of medals and degrees due to certain unfortunate circumstances. Narasimhan said henceforth the Convocation date should become part of the academic calendar and under no circumstances convocation be postponed to next year and it should be held just like the way schedule is fixed for admissions and conduct of examinations.

"Students should live with teachers like in the olden days when it was called Gurukulam, in which Guru and sishya became part of one family and that is the need of the hour today," said the Governor. He said in the olden days, there was an extremely strong bonding between the teacher and the taught and when the student completed study of Upanishads, he would go and ask his teacher what he should next and the teacher would give him only two words of simple advise 'Satyam vada - Dharmam chara', which means speak the truth and protect the dharma. The teacher would also tell the student to remember the parents, the ones that brought him into this world what he is today is because of his parents.

The Governor further said a student may reach very high position in life but he owes his basic duty and responsibility towards his parents. Next comes the Acharya with whom the students spend most of their lives and for the teacher nothing gives him greater pride than seeing his students excel in life, said the Governor. He said the teacher expects nothing in return except to remember him and it is a teacher that makes a human being out of a man.

Governor Narasimhan congratulated the Vice Chancellor for choosing Dr. Chandrashekar, an eminent personality as the choice of Chief Guest at the 80th Convocation, as choosing the Chief Guest at the Convocation is extremely critical and important. The Governor said Dr. Chandrashekar is not only an alumnus of the Osmania University but is a role model as a chief guest at the University should be, who has got all the awards one can think of not only in India but Internationally. Apart from that, Dr. Chandrashekar is a humanity personified and students should learn from him and emulate, said the Governor. Humility is a very important character of a human being and status is not determined by wealth but humility and as one goes higher up in life the humility should also proportionately go up and it is not inversely proportional, said Narasimhan. He said whichever work they do they must enjoy that work and dedicate themselves for it and own it up and feel proud of your work.

The Governor said that he wants the University to start something called University social responsibility, which is practiced in University of Hyderabad, by which the University undertakes to educate children of under privileged sections in English language and teaching of computers as part of University social responsibility. He said the university should also ensure that only those courses are added which are going to get the students employment and the syllabus should be in tune with what is required on the ground as is a huge mismatch between the education that one gets in the Universities and on the ground requirement. The Governor further added that interface with industry and interface with market is required.

Be proud that you are an Indian and there is nothing that we do not have and the country has a great heritage and first of all students must know India, go through India and understand what India is then they will feel proud to be an Indian, said Narasimhan. Discipline in life is very important and students cannot compromise discipline for anything in life and if something happens to education during a student's life, thereafter their career prospects get affected, he said.

The Governor said Osmania University is one of the most prestigious universities in the country and there is a brand name attached to it and when students leave the portals of the university they have a duty and responsibility to protect the brand name of the university and the students should never do anything in life that will undermine the reputation of the university.

Earlier, Narasimhan as Chancellor of the University presented Gold Medals and Degrees to the students and presented Honorary Degree to Dr. S. Chandrashekar, Director, IIT, Chief Guest at the 80th Convocation of the Osmania University.

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