Triple Talaq Act death sentence to Muslim women in Karimnagar

Karimnagar: The Triple Talaq Bill that was passed in Parliament on Tuesday on Tuesday gives not relief to the women belonging to Muslim community, rather it is like a death sentence to them, said the district unit president of the Majlis Ul Ulama Mufti Mohammad Giyas Mohiuddin here on Wednesday.

In a statement released here, he came heavily on the BJP and NDA government which passed the bill.

If a case is lodged against the husband of a Muslim woman and sent to jail, how can she take care of her minor children and how can she get financial aid. Without thinking this how the government passed the bill, he questioned.

The BJP government is trying to separate Muslims from Shariat. Number of issues are there in the country with which the people are suffering with, leaving all those issues, why the BJP government passed the bill, he questioned.

As many as 2.5 crore of Muslim women sent a request to the Supreme Court opposing the Triple Talaq Bill. Without considering that, the BJP government had taken decision arbitrarily, he said.

He said that all the Muslims in the country are united and cannot be divided with such useless bills even though it is passed in Parliament and will teach a fitting lesson to the BJP government in coming up days, he warned.

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