TRS, Congress changed names not their games, charges Eknath Shinde

TRS, Congress changed names not their games, charges Eknath Shinde

Asks people to send car to garage; warns against Cong fake guarantees

Hyderabad: Maharashtra CM Eknath Shinde on Tuesday asked people whether the TRS and Congress changed their names into BRS and INDIA alliance without changing their games of family politics and corruption?

Addressing a public meeting in Dharmapuri, he advised people to give VRS to BRS, saying car had to be sent to garage after using it for some years. He said

the INDIA had aligned with others but nothing had come of it. The name-changing and alliances showed their lack of confidence in themselves as parties; they were meant only to stop Modi’.

Taking a dig at BRS he asked if the Telangana movement had the objective of ‘Nillu-Nidhulu and Niyamakalu’. Have these objectives been delivered by the BRS in 10 years. He explained how the double-engine sarkars in Maharashtra, Gujarat, UP and other States have seen development. He urged people to support the party that thinks about development and delivers good governance sans corruption.

Shinde recalled how Modi has enhanced the country’s image with it becoming stronger to stand on its own with self-confidence. While "Modi says nation first, the other parties say "corruption first." He recalled how the Centre has extended free ration to people since Covid and for the next five years to benefit the poor.

"Modi thinks about empty stomachs of people and how to ensure they won't go hungry. While others (parties) think of notes (currency). Under Modi's leadership the country has emerged as the fifth largest economy and poised to become the third largest. None other could deliver earlier the quantum of work achieved in the last nine years. Welfare schemes worth lakhs of crore have been launched for welfare and development.

Shinde said he had fought elections in Maharashtra with photographs of Modi and the late Bal Thackeray, to re-establish the Hindu agenda forgotten. The double-engine sarkar is ensuring fast-paced development. He recalled how the Modi government ensured the passage of Women's Reservation Bill and works hard without taking leave for a single day.

"We are lucky to have such a PM working to ensure development. A double-engine sarkar would help ensure speedy development in Telangana as well," he added.

He cautioned people against the Congress guarantees. In Rajasthan, the Congress had promised to implement farm loan waivers within 10 days, but it could not even after five years.

‘The fate of guarantees on which it had come to power in Karnataka is in doldrums as the government says it has no money. The Modi guarantee is a guarantee of delivery on the promises made. He asked people to ensure BJP’s victory for the State’s faster development.

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