What forced the nizam to surrender

What forced the nizam to surrender

What forced the nizam to surrender


An attempt is being made by BJP/RSS to communalise and distort history

While KCR, at the prompting of MIM, is celebrating September 17 as Integration Day needlessly (though Muslims would have supported his fight against the BJP anyway), the communal, fanatic and fascist BJP (Jan Sangh) and RSS, which never took part either in Telangana Armed Struggle or freedom movement, are seeking to depict the people's struggle against the Nizam as the one between the Hindu people and a Muslim king. In fact, many a Muslim took part in and led the peasants' revolt against an autocratic Nizam. Truth be told, it is the Communists alone who inspired and led the long and relentless armed struggle against the Nizam for years, which finally culminated in his surrender to the Indian government on September 17, 1948.

Whether September 17, 1948, the day the rule of Nizam ended, is commemorated as Telangana Liberation Day by the BJP or as the National Integration Day by the TRS, the day's historical significance cannot be lost sight of. The end of the autocratic rule of Nizam was in fact a successful culmination of the peasants' rebellion, who took up arms under the aegis of the Communists.

The armed struggle in the latter half of 1940s in Telangana saw thousands of people, including Communists, being martyred, fighting for the rights of the farmers and the oppressed people.

What was the background of Telangana Armed Struggle? The Hyderabad state was a Samsthanam under the rule of Nizam's aristocracy. Bonded labour was prevailing everywhere. Excesses of local landlords, Deshmukhs, resulted in inhuman atrocities against the populace. Suffering and despondency was writ large in rural areas. Add to it, Razaakaars, the private army of Nizam, were looting villages after villages – in broad daylight. There was no safety for women. The poor were bound to bonded labour for generations together. Their lands regularly used to be seized in the name of recovery of tax dues or loans given at usurious rates.

Crops and agricultural produce were being looted by Razaakaars and local landlords and deshmukhs together. Petty traders also had to hand over groceries to Razaakaars without saying no. Goats, chickens, toddy etc., were forcibly taken away by the gangs of Deshmukhs or Razaakaars.

Above all, Urdu was imposed on the Telugu- speaking people. The imposition of the official language was a reason for agitating the minds of urban people. People were not allowed to conduct open meetings and their voice was throttled. Hence, all sections of people started revolting and joining in the 'sangams' being convened by the Communists who played a stellar role in uniting the people to resist and revolt against the marauders.

Under the leadership of Andhra Mahasabha, Comrade Ravi Narayana Reddy, Makhdoom Mohiuddin and Baddam Yella Reddy gave a call clarion call for glorious historic Telangana Armed Struggle. Amid these developments, upon India attaining independence, the Hyderabad state was declared by Nizam as an independent country. He even made an application to the UNO for recognition as an independent country. The patriotic feelings among the people to be one with all other Indians was another major factor that led to an upsurge for the liberation of Telangana from clutches of Nizam as well as the Britishers. But, the actual and sustaining was the economic, social and political oppression that brought the oppressed together.

Those in the know of those historical developments are quite anguished these days that communally minded BJP and RSS are distorting the history, by painting it merely as a struggle between a Muslim king and the Hindu people. If that is the case, why Shoebullah Khan, a prominent journalist of Hyderabad, was killed by Razaakaars? In this armed struggle, Bandagi was the first martyr who shed his blood to the bullets of Razaakaars. He was a Muslim. One among three who gave a call for the armed struggle was a Muslim, Makhdoom Mohiuddin. Many deshmukhs, Jaagirdaars and landlords were Hindus who looted, tortured and committed heinous atrocities on Hindus. They molested many Hindu women.

In the armed struggle, people hailing from Hindus and Muslims and from different regions like Andhra, Karnataka, Maharashtra also took part. Hence, the argument that this struggle was between the Hindus and the Muslim king do not withstand scrutiny by discerning minds. In the struggle, over 4,000 Communists laid down their lives. They distributed around 20 lakh acres of land to the landless, which was never accomplished before.

BJP is trying to minimise the role of Communists in the fight against Nizam's aristocracy. But the fact is there are thousands of freedom fighters who were and are getting pensions for their participation in the struggle. But can either BJP or RSS show even a single one of their leaders who participated in the struggle against the Nizam. By that time, only RSS was existing and Jana Sangh were there. None of them fought for the cause of the suppressed people. Nor did they take part even in the freedom struggle. As a matter of fact, they are trying to magnify the image of Nathuram Godse and Savarkar. Godse killed Mahatma Gandhi who mobilised millions of Indian people against the British imperialists. Savarkar had applied for clemency and release from jail. Such leaders of bad repute are being worshipped by RSS and BJP cadres. Actually, they should be treated as anti-nationals.

Though we are Communists, on every Independence Day at our party offices, we hoist the national flag. But all these 75 years, the national flag was never hoisted at the RSS headquarters of Nagpur. Now, Union Home Minister Amit Shah is coming to Telangana along with Karnataka and Maharashtra Chief Ministers to participate in Telangana Liberation celebrations week. Is he really coming for the same purpose or coming with brief cases for Munugodu byelections? He may be coming to indulge in horse trading to topple the KCR government. In the meetings, he will distort the glorious history of Telangana Armed Struggle.

Prime Minister Modi unveiled the statues of freedom fighters such as Sardar Vallabhbai Patel, Netaji and Alluri Seetharama Raju etc. But he conveniently forgot Ravi Narayana Reddy and Putchalapalli Sundarayya, the leaders of Telangana Armed Struggle and the freedom movement as well. It is not out of context to mention that Reddy secured more votes than Jawaharlal Nehru. At the inauguration of the then parliament building, Nehru himself told colleagues and officials to let Ravi Narayana Reddy place his first step into parliament building rather than anybody. Hence, it is appropriate to erect the statues of Ravi Narayana Reddy in Lok Sabha and also Sundarayya, the first leader of opposition in Rajya Sabha as well, in corridors of parliament buildings.

In the state of Telangana, KCR prior to the elections had promised to observe the week long celebrations of liberation officially. But subsequently he conveniently forgot to do the same. Once, he went to the extent of praising Nizam. The army of the same Nizam i.e., Razaakaars, raped and molested many women in front of their husbands and tortured many innocent people. Such Nizam was praised by KCR. Now, KCR is saying that he will observe the day observed hitherto as the liberation day as the national integration day. Because prompting is given by Majlis-E-Ittehadul Muslimeen. He is unabashedly playing vote-bank politics to appease MIM leaders. As he is fighting against the BJP, definitely the MIM will extend support to TRS. In the fight against communal, fanatic and fascist forces, progressive Muslims, democratic and secular forces will strengthen his hands. However, he has needlessly resorted to distortion of history.

The BJP, the RSS and Sangh Pariwar who do not have any role either in the struggle against the Nizam or against the British imperialism are trying to speak much and claim greatness, ignoring the history. As a matter of fact, they worked as the puppets of British imperialists. The well-known proverb 'Empty vessels make much noise' literally applies to Savarkar and Godse and co. Huzurabad is not entire Telangana. BJP state governments have started weakening. Only thing `remaining is to unseat Modi and send him to his home state. Enough is enough.

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