When political noise is more than Nuisance it lands Hyderabad people in Hospital with a stroke

When political noise is more than Nuisance it lands  Hyderabad people in Hospital with a stroke

Sound-limiters must for poll campaigns

HYDERABAD: With hectic campaigning for Lok Sabha elections, many people are landing in hospitals with hypertension and heart-related complications, the doctors in the city said.

The complications with the heart problems and hypertension amongst the people has risen by 8-10 percent, says, expert.

" We have noticed an increase in cases of hypertension and heart-related complications in the last seven days. Despite medication, the patients are showing an increase in blood pressure levels. Also, many heart patients are being rehospitalized with aggravated symptoms. It is purely because of loud noise," said a senior cardiologist.

Just diffusing the sound, however, isn't enough. Preventing loud noise in the first place is a key part of the effort.

Any sound levels that go above Decibels, as decibels measurements work logarithmically, this approximates the volume difference we hear when a car slows down from 80mph to 60 mph.

According to doctors, any sound of over 80 decibels increases stress and irritation, which in turn causes a surge in hormones- adrenalin rush and cortisol. This surge in hormones is responsible for aggravation symptoms of heart-related problem, hypertension and can cause heart attack and stroke.

The people who showed the symptoms o major heart attack and High blood pressure are all staying on the main roads.

Several studies in the past have linked noise pollution to cardiovascular system problems, the high level of noise affects the elderly and infants too. Several residents across the city said that campaigning using loudspeakers should not be done near the hospitals.

There is a constant movement of campaign vehicles which play songs on full volume for hours. They keep doing round throughout the day causing a lot of disturbance to patients. Lound music causes headaches to healthy people, then imagine the plight of patients who are recovering after surgery. Many patients are unable to sleep due to the noise. These election vehicles should not be allowed to move around the hospitals. Said a staffer at a private hospital in Masab Tank.

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