Amaravati: Jagan betrayed Arya Vysyas, alleges TDP




Party commerce wing state president dismisses claims of Jagan govt allowing Arya Vysas to manage their choultries saying the concession was given by the Roasaiah govt long ago

Amaravati: TDP commerce wing state president Doondi Rakesh on Saturday slammed the Jagan Mohan Reddy government for not releasing a single rupee for taking up welfare activities under the Arya Vysya Corporation in the state. Rakesh said that Chief Minister Y S Jagan Reddy promised to give Rs 1,000 crore per year to the Vysya Corporation during his padayatra before the elections. But, after coming to power, he has turned out to be a 'betrayer of Arya Vysyas'.

Addressing a press conference here, the TDP leader demanded that minister Vellampalli Srinivas should explain whether he had done a single thing to benefit the Vysya community ever since he became the minister. Srinivas was just using the community to get personal benefit and to play second fiddle to Jagan without questioning his regime's injustice, he said.

Rakesh asked how Jagan Mohan Reddy could boast of giving permissions to the Vysyas to manage the choultries and temples by themselves without any interference from the government. The then Rosaiah government itself issued a GO giving special exemption to the Vysyas in this respect. Jagan was trying to divert the attention of the Vysyas by making wrong claims about the benefits given to them, he alleged.

The TDP leader said that the Chandrababu Naidu government fulfilled its promise and set up Vysya Corporation at that time. Over Rs 30 crore was given to take up welfare activities for needy members. "Jagan has totally betrayed the Vysyas in this respect. Vellampalli Srinivas was defending the CM blindly without getting funds for the corporation. Nothing special about the management of choultries and mutts. Every community was managing their own units by themselves," he said.

Rakesh pointed out that when Rosaiah was the CM, a Vysya association approached the court following a dispute over the election. In order to resolve this problem outside the court, the Rosaiah regime issued GO 1572 permitting Arya Vysyas to manage their organisations on their own. This was not something that the present CM has given. But, minister Srinivas was asking Vysyas to do abhishekams to Jagan Mohan Reddy as if his government had done a lot for the community.

The TDP leader asked whether the Vysyas should perform abhishekams to Vellampalli Srinivas for the YSRCP government's failure to prevent attacks on 117 temples. At the recent Cabinet meeting, Srinivas was blowing his own trumpet as if he had done a lot for the community. It was a pity that the present chairman of the Arya Vysya Corporation was managing to run the show by using the funds released by the then Chandrababu government only, Rakesh said.

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