Srikakulam: Gotta barrage's poor upkeep starves fields of irrigation

Gotta barrage main canal in L N Peta mandal

Gotta barrage main canal in L N Peta mandal


  • The water flow of the Gotta barrage is affected by the accumulation of silt and excessive growth of weeds
  • Farmers says this season also they are not expecting water from Gotta barrage to reach their fields as canals repair works are not taken up for the past two years

Srikakulam: Farmers of Gotta barrage ayacut area spreading in 19 mandals across the district are worried as they are not getting water for current Kharif crops.

Gotta barrage located at Gotta village on Vamsadhara river and has 2,30,590 acres ayacut in 19 mandals through its two main canals right main canal (RMC) and left main canal (LMC).

LMC covers 12 mandals which include Hiramandal, L N Peta, Jalumuru, Saravakota, Polaki, Narasannapeta, Kotabommali, Santhabommali, Tekkali, Nandigam, Palasa and Vajrapukotturu with an ayacut area of 1,48,230 acres.

RMC covered in 7 mandals Hiramandal, L N Peta, Sarubujjili, Burja, Amudalavalasa, Srikakulam and Gara mandals with an ayacut area of 82,360 acres.

With lack of funds, the engineering officials are neglecting canals maintenance works which is leading to increased silt and excess of weeds are grown. The distributaries, shutters and minor dams are also damaged in both the LMC and RMC even the minor and sub-minor canals are not in a good condition.

All these issues are affecting the water flow and water is not reaching the entire ayacut area. The farmers of Daleppapeta and villages said that canal repair works were not taken up for the last two years. This year also we are not expecting water for our crops.

The Vamsadhara project superintendent engineer said that this year they are concentrating mainly on reservoir works and added that they will clear hurdles for free flow of water in both LMC and RMC soon.

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