Welfare, development to be top issues in 2024 polls

Welfare, development to be top issues in 2024 polls

  • YSRCP confident of wresting power in 2024 elections as it considers 'Navaratnalu' will do miracles for them
  • Opposition parties are making a propaganda that development has been totally ignored and the entire budget is being spent on welfare meaning distribution of freebies

Anantapur-Puttaparthi: With just 18 months for 2024 Assembly and Lok Sabha elections, the YSRCP MLAs and MPs and other people's representatives are confident of YSRCP storming to power for the second time. Their confidence is based on assumptions that 'Navaratnalu' will do miracles for them. However, in their overenthusiasm to implement what they promised to do for people, many other things that the people want had been ignored, political observers feel. People's aspirations may differ from district to district.

The opposition parties are making a propaganda that development has been totally ignored and the entire budget is being spent on welfare meaning distribution of freebies. The opposition parties also allege that welfare is restricted to only YSRCP voters and denied to TDP supporters. There seemed to be some truth in the allegation.

The construction sector and real estate business is at its low. Builders are up in arms against the government for sand crisis. Even 3 years after coming to power, the government could not set things right. In the absence of any government or private industrial projects which trigger development in any area, the real estate boom which existed during YSR's tenure is absent now. There seemed to be a development paralysis.

The educated, intellectual and business communities are totally restless while the freebies beneficiaries are totally resting, eating and drinking at government cost. While the opposition parties and the educated are roaring at the government, Chief Minister Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy is sitting calm and carefree confident with his calculations.

The series of victories to the ruling party in the local body elections both in panchayats and municipalities had strengthened and cemented their confidence. Political observers say that Jagan Mohan Reddy as a businessman knows that his populist schemes have drained the exchequer and derailed the state economy, in the political battle of ballot, nothing can ensure his victory other than the freebies. In this aspect, Jagan enjoys credibility and even if Chandrababu Naidu promises heaven to voters, they view him with suspicion.

Unlike his father's tenure, the irrigation sector is in shambles as the irrigation projects like Handri Neeva which is a lifeline to Rayalaseema and many other projects are in doll drums. HLC modernisation project running into Rs 500 odd crores of rupees has been watered down. State's meagre financial resources were being watered down owing to lopsided priorities.

The youth of backward Rayalaseema is in a state of frustration due to joblessness. Prime Minister Narendra Modi when he was the chief minister has invited industrial bigwigs to the state and motivated them to invest in the state. Such an exercise would have triggered an industrial revolution. Modi was successful in Gujarat, says local industrialists.

Ports development which could have triggered investments are happening at a snail's pace. AP no longer is a happening place, lament the AP state watchers. In the political game of manipulating voters even grand alliances which looks colorful may not work to their advantage, feels political observers.

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