Streamline Your Investments With A Free Demat Account And Online Calculators

Streamline Your Investments With A Free Demat Account And Online Calculators

Investments are an assurance of your future’s financial security. Hence, the process of investments must be carried out quite meticulously to avoid...

Investments are an assurance of your future’s financial security. Hence, the process of investments must be carried out quite meticulously to avoid any security breach throughout. Yet, how can you ensure the maximum safety of your invested funds? The best way to do this is to open a Demat account. Investing through this account is more secure and less time-consuming.

However, the process of investing does not end with investing your funds in a certain stock. Rather, it requires monitoring and future value calculation. But how do we evaluate the future growth of stocks? Numerous online calculators can simplify the process considerably.

If you plan on investing your funds, learn about the benefits you will enjoy if you open a free demat account and utilise the various features of the online investment calculators. Read along to know more.

Advantages Of Having A Free Demat Account

Digitalisation has been the most extensive introduction within the past few decades; hence, its influence is far-reaching and undeniable. Therefore, the trading operations are no exception in this case. The initiation of the Demat account is definitely a result of digitalisation, as investments were previously conducted manually.

But how does it benefit my investment procedure? Here, we will detail the ways it is aiding to gain an improved investment experience. Scroll down to check out the advantages.

Assures Maximum Security

In the earlier days, investments were done manually, and physical copies were provided. This increased the chances of theft, robbery, etc. However, as the process became digitised, the fear of online fraud increased. Hence, you can solve both issues with a free Demat account. Firstly, the absence of physical products makes it difficult to commit robbery; secondly, investing through a Demat account will make the procedure much more efficient.

Takes Less Time

Unlike in the previous process, it offers speedy transactions, saving a lot of time. In the earlier days, the completion of the entire process would span over months. However, the scenario has altered; additionally, since there are no stamp duty paying concerns, the process has accelerated to a certain level. Moreover, the more you align your investments, the easier it gets to track them and assess their growth. This also helps reduce monitoring time and enhances its effectiveness. All this helps considerably streamline the investment process.

Hassle-Free Process

Opening a Demat account is no biggie. You just have to register with the platform using your mobile number. Provide all the necessary and fundamental details they carefully requested; once you have validated them, the account specification will be sent to you by email. Hence, you do not have to visit the organisation or meet the officials often or frequently. Within a few minutes, you can complete the entire process from anywhere globally.

No Charges Required

You can open this account for free, which means no charges or taxes will be levied on opening and utilising the account. For instance, there are no applicable duty, stamp, or handling charges. This reduces the overall cost of the investment, making it a cost-effective option for investors.

Prevents The Odd Lott Issue

Previously, when the process was managed manually, trading Odd lots was impossible. Instead, they were compelled to opt for a specific amount, making it challenging. However, with the introduction of the Demat account, investors are offered more convenience and flexibility to ensure the efficiency of the process. Additionally, this encourages more candidates to become active investors.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Online Calculators

Monitoring and evaluation of your investments are paramount to maximise your profit. Hence, the most convenient method of streamlining the assessment process is opting for financial calculators.

It is not a generalised financial tool used to provide a generic result. Rather, several variants of the product are curated for a particular kind of investment. The most common ones are CAGR, SIP, Mutual Funds, SWP, etc.

Before we explore the advantages of using an online calculator, let's take a quick look at the formula for calculating investment profit and loss.

Investment Percentage Gain = (Price sold - Price Purchased/ Purchase price) × 100

Let us now look at the benefits the online calculators offer their investors.

Aid In Estimating Growth

Its fundamental service allows you to effectively monitor the growth of your investments over a specific period. This will assist you in deciding whether to invest further or select the right time to invest. Without frequent monitoring, tracking the growth of your investments can be very challenging.

Offer Better Comparison

Comparison is another aspect of monitoring. You must compare the various investment strategies to select the right one for you. If you fail to properly compare the return rate, contribution amount, etc., of each scheme, drawing a financial plan can become quite difficult. Eventually, it will not efficiently secure your future.

Improved Understanding

A financial calculator will provide you with a better understanding of the concept and the various specifications of an investment. For instance, this tool gives you a holistic knowledge of how compound interest can influence your invested amount. Similarly, various aspects of investment can be best understood with the help of investment calculators.

A Time-Effective Option

Manually tracking your investment is definitely possible but not worth the time and energy. Manual monitoring becomes almost impossible, especially if you have multiple investment plans in the queue. Here lies the importance of this online financial tool. With just a few clicks and within the blink of an eye, you get wholesome information about your investment schemes and growth evaluation.

Final Thoughts

Investment is important, but more fundamental is investing correctly and safely. After all, you are using up your hard-earned funds to secure your future. Hence, mere negligence or a wrong decision can cause many inconveniences. Hence, if you are preparing to invest, open your Demat account immediately. Additionally, use the online calculators to secure a better future.

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