Breast cancer survivors may have lingering mental health effects

Early detection and treatment of any mental health issues that arise is likely to help women better cope with disease and its aftermath

10 Dec 2018, 01:56 PM IST

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Birth control pills may block blood flow to brain

Turns out, birth control pills increase the risk of ischemic strokes which are usually caused by a blood clot that blocks or plugs a blood vessel in the brain This keeps blood fro
09 Dec 2018, 01:59 PM IST

Wasp venom offers hope against lung diseases

MIT engineers have developed new antimicrobial peptides, which can combat bacteria causing respiratory and other infections, based on a naturally occurring peptide produced by a So
08 Dec 2018, 03:27 PM IST

Delhi doctor used electric shocks on homosexuals, called it ‘genetic mental disorder’

A doctor, who terms homosexuality as genetic mental disorder and uses electric shock to treat gay and lesbian people, has been summoned by a Delhi court as an accused for violating
08 Dec 2018, 02:29 PM IST

Novel 3D-printed glucose biosensors developed

Researchers have created a 3Dprinted glucose biosensor for use in wearable monitors that may lead to improved glucose monitors for people suffering from diabetes
07 Dec 2018, 11:58 PM IST

IIT Kharagpur researchers develop tools to diagnose lung diseases

Researchers at IIT Kharagpur have developed a decision support system to diagnose malignant and other diseased tissues in the lungs
07 Dec 2018, 04:22 PM IST

Consumer Seminar by Gaksung Global for Indian Customers

One of the worlds leading organizations in the healthcare industry, GakSung Global organized a seminar to express gratitude to their customers for their support The grand seminar o
07 Dec 2018, 02:47 PM IST

Ashwagandha can help cure cancer, says study

Researchers of the International Laboratory for Advanced Biomedicine, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, Tsukuba Japan, Department of Biochemical Eng
07 Dec 2018, 06:31 AM IST

Vitamin D deficiency can raise depression risk in elderly

Deficiency in vitamin D the sunshine vitamin among older adults is associated with a substantial increased risk of depression resulting to early death, says a new study
06 Dec 2018, 11:46 PM IST

Too much sleep could be linked to heart disease, study finds

Researchers discovered death and diseases of the heart or blood vessels in the brain are more likely to affect people who had more than eight hours sleep a day compared to those wh
06 Dec 2018, 12:42 PM IST

Soon a 10 Min Cancer Test

A simple quick Blood test within 10 miniature raised hopes that hard to spot could be picked up early when treatment is most effective to detect cancer
06 Dec 2018, 10:15 AM IST

Dr. Reddy's Foundation, from Hyderabad bags the 19th NCPEDP-Mindtree Helen Keller Awards 2018

The Awards were given away to twelve exceptional individuals and organizations who are role models in furthering employment opportunities for persons with disabilities
05 Dec 2018, 04:22 PM IST

Dr.YogeshDube awarded as the Best Individual by the President of India

DrYogeshDube, selected as the Best Individual Working for the causes of Persons with Disabilities, by the Ministry of Social Justice Empowerment, Government of India, to be confer
05 Dec 2018, 03:43 PM IST

Cancer patients undergoing heart procedure at greater risk of complications

A recent study has found that patients with cancer are more at risk of complications following a heart procedure
03 Dec 2018, 03:41 PM IST

Over 6,000 antibiotic resistance genes in gut bacteria identified

Researchers have identified over 6,000 antibiotic resistance genes found in bacteria that inhabit the human gut, which is home to trillions of microorganisms, mainly bacteria
02 Dec 2018, 12:41 PM IST

Snoring linked to cardiac issues in women, says study

According to the findings of a recent study, women who snore have a greater cardiac risk
01 Dec 2018, 09:19 AM IST

DocOnline conducts fitness challenge

DocOnline Healthcare threw open its unique fitness challenge to the employees of IT companies DivyaSri NSL Orion at Gachibowli in Hyderabad on Friday Employees of as many as 15 com
01 Dec 2018, 07:07 AM IST

Potato peels have medicinal value

The next time you peel a potato, think twice for the researchers at the Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata, say that peels have medicinal value
01 Dec 2018, 06:21 AM IST

Miscarriage might be linked to heart disease risk: Study

Women who experience miscarriages or pregnancy loss and do not have children are at greater risk of cardiovascular problems such as heart disease and stroke, compared with women wh
30 Nov 2018, 11:23 PM IST

Medical camp conducted by Chilkur Balaji College of Pharmacy

A free medical camp conducted by Chilkur Balaji College of Pharmacy received good response at Nagireddy Guda village in the mandal, College Chairman Ravuri Venkata Swamy along with
30 Nov 2018, 10:35 PM IST

Orange juice could prevent memory loss in men: Study

Eating leafy greens, dark orange or red vegetables and berry fruits, and drinking orange juice may lower risk of memory loss over time, especially in men, a study has found The stu
25 Nov 2018, 03:55 PM IST

Dealing with Morning Sickness for Expecting Mothers

Being a Mother is probably one of the best feelings and nothing in the worlds that much happiness and excitement when you hold your own baby in your arms But along with this comes
24 Nov 2018, 03:57 PM IST

New drug shows promise in halting spread of brain cancer

Scientists have developed a novel drug that could block glioblastoma the deadliest form of brain cancer from spreading
20 Nov 2018, 12:34 PM IST

Boon for heart patients in remote areas

There is some good news for heart patients in remote places Scientists at the Indian Institute of Technology, Hyderabad IITHyderabad have developed a new algorithm that promises to
20 Nov 2018, 06:56 AM IST

Liver disease risk high for infants born to obese mothers

Infants born to obese mothers can develop liver disease and obesity, a recent study suggests
19 Nov 2018, 03:36 PM IST

Strength training could improve heart health

According to a recent study, while all physical activities are beneficial for heart health, static activities such as strength training was found to be more strongly associated wit
19 Nov 2018, 10:52 AM IST

Decoding cancer scenario in India

Stanley M Marks is the chairman of UPMC Cancer Center, Director of Clinical Services and Chief Medical Officer for UPMC Cancer Center and the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Instit
19 Nov 2018, 03:34 AM IST

Protecting your eyes from cold dry air

People always take care of their eyes and protect them from the blazing sunlight during summer, but our eyes can just as easily get affected by various factors in winters too
19 Nov 2018, 03:24 AM IST

Weightlifting better than walking and cycling for heart: Study

While it is well known that physical activities promote heart health, a new study suggests that weightlifting, rather than walking and cycling, can better help keep heart diseases
19 Nov 2018, 12:00 AM IST

New inflammation inhibitor could treat sepsis

Researchers have developed an antiinflammatory drug molecule that could lead to better treatments for diseases such as sepsis and potentially other auto immune diseases
18 Nov 2018, 11:54 PM IST

Facts about dry eye syndrome

According to a medical study, dry eyes condition in humans can significantly reduce the rate of reading and may cause disruption in daily tasks that require visual concentration f
18 Nov 2018, 04:52 PM IST

Experts explain how head injuries can lead to serious brain diseases

In a recent study, biologists discovered how head injuries adversely affect individual cells and genes that can lead to serious brain disorders
18 Nov 2018, 04:37 PM IST

10 signs your child may be having back or neck problems

Neck and back pain in children can have multiple reasons When a child complains of back or neck pain, it is a cause of concern Long hours of sitting in school, incorrect posture wh
16 Nov 2018, 06:08 PM IST

Social jet lag and it’s dangerous consequences

Results show that Social Jet lag which occurs when you go to bed and wake up later on weekends than during the week, is associated with poorer health worse mood and increased sleep
15 Nov 2018, 06:11 PM IST

Obese people enjoy food less, says study

Researchers have found that obesity and food restrictions are associated with less food enjoyment
15 Nov 2018, 11:17 AM IST

Surgical menopause increases risk of insomnia, says study

According to a latest study, surgical menopause leads to increased sleep issues in women as opposed to natural menopause
15 Nov 2018, 11:12 AM IST

Fight against Diabetes: Right to a healthy living

World Diabetes Day is observed across the globe on 14th November, the birthday of Frederick Banting, whose work with Charles Best led to the discovery of insulin in the year 1921
14 Nov 2018, 11:29 AM IST