Forbidden Love: 4 stories and 4 directors

Pooja Kumar to star in one of the four stories 0f the movie ‘Forbidden Love’ which is being directed by four directors

Pooja Kumar to star in one of the four stories 0f the movie ‘Forbidden Love’ which is being directed by four directors


Pooja Kumar to star in one of the four stories 0f the movie ‘Forbidden Love’ which is being directed by four directors

The film 'Forbidden love' comprising four stories is being directed by Priyadarshan, Pradeep Sarkar, Anirudha Roy Chowdhury and Mahesh Manjrekar. In one of the stories, Pooja essays a role of a housewife craving for respect, attention and love from her husband. She plays the character of Anamika fulfilling dedicatedly the role of a housewife.

In the marriage of 10 years, she is engaged in doing all the household chores like cooking, cleaning, taking care of her father-in-law and most importantly giving her full attention to the needs of her husband. But now, she finds her husband showing no interest in her activities and takes for granted whatever she says.

Anamika finally decides to get a job at a cafe so that she can start having a life of her own. Her character goes through a series of emotions and is caught in a quandary. She struggles between gaining the attention of her husband and finding her own identity.

She's in a vulnerable place in her life and now has to decide whether she will take life into her own hands or let destiny play its part. Anamika represents every woman's aspirations of being loved and wants her husband back.

Pooja has already starred in Hollywood movies such as Man on a Ledge alongside Ed Harris and Brawl in Cell block 99 with Vince Vaughn.

She has also acted in Flavors directed by the Duo- Raj and DK Krisna, Bollywood Beats with Lillette Dubey. She has starred in major hit Vishwaroopam 1 and 2 alongside Kamal Haasan and debuted in Telugu films with PSV Garuda Vega starring Rajasekhar which was a smashing hit as well.

"My story is called Anamika. It has very talented and hardworking actors Harsh Chaya and Aditya Seal as well. We are all very passionate about the story and together worked depict this story as truthfully as possible. My story is about a strong woman who wants to be in charge of her destiny.

There is something that she doesn't like about her life and she decides to change it. She is a true representation of women who want to change things and I believe it includes every woman. She passes through her ups and downs, struggles, bad days and eventually sticks out to make her destiny. It's a must watch for everyone in society," Pooja told The Hans India.

No matter in whichever profession a woman works in, she has to face many challenges. Pooja agrees the same and says, " It's very challenging for women in this industry. We talk a lot about appearances.

Be it the hair, skin, height, waist size, age. If you have a purpose and a desire only then you will be successful. You need passion and purpose. And women should always tell themselves that they are good and you would soon see results."

During the Covid pandemic, the Over-the-top (OTT) platforms has received a huge number of acceptance by the audience. "It is going to get bigger and bigger. For artistes and directors, it's like a playground. One can do 5, 10 or 45 minutes of the film. So I hope more people work on OTT and I get to do more," ends Pooja.

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