RIP KK: Chiranjeevi, Mahesh Babu, Akshay Kumar And A Few Other Celebs Mourn For The Sudden Demise Of This Ace Singer

RIP KK: Chiranjeevi, Mahesh Babu, Akshay Kumar And A Few Other Celebs Mourn For The Sudden Demise Of This Ace Singer

RIP KK: Chiranjeevi, Mahesh Babu, Akshay Kumar And A Few Other Celebs Mourn For The Sudden Demise Of This Ace Singer


  • Armaan Malik expresses his grief and also asks the concert organizers for the betterment of the medical and health facilities!
  • Pawan Kalyan dropped a long note and reminisced his bond with KK…

Popular singer KK passed away in the night after suffering from a massive heart attack at the age of 53. Well, a few videos are doing rounds on social media showcasing how KK was sweating on the stage in between his performance. He also felt uneasy and went back to his room in the middle but suddenly collapsed. He was in Kolkata last night taking part in a live concert at Nazrul Mancha. Although he was taken immediately to the hospital, doctors declared him dead. There are also rumours that the stadium was over-crowded and even the air conditioners were not working properly in the middle of the concert. So, after losing his dear partner, Armaan Malik dropped a tweet regarding the facilities provided at the live concerts and asked the organisers to plan it smoothly.

Well, Chiranjeevi, Akshay Kumar, Mahesh Babu and a few other celebs expressed their grief through social media and were shocked with the sudden demise of KK…

Chiranjeevi Konidela

This tweet reads, "Heartbroken at the shocking demise of KK. Gone too soon! A fabulous singer and a great soul.He sang 'Daayi Daayi Daama' from 'Indra' for me. My heartfelt condolences to his family & near and dear ones. May his soul rest in peace! #RIPKK".

Ram Charan Tej

Hrithik Roshan

He mourned for the loss of KK and wrote, "Absolutely shocked & sad to hear about KK's untimely departure. He will always remain one of my favourites. Such a versatile artist, a voice to every emotion... You will be missed. RIP".

Mahesh Babu

He jotted down, "Shocked and saddened by KK's untimely demise! One of our finest singers... Heartfelt condolences to his family and loved ones. May his soul rest in peace".

Radha Krishna Kumar


Armaan Malik

He expressed his grief by jotting down, "Extremely sad and devastated. Another shocking loss for all of us. Can't believe our KK sir is no more… what is even happening. I can't take it anymore.".

He also termed 2022 as black year as Lata ji also passed away a few months ago. "Black year for Indian music. Lata didi, bappi da, sidhu paaji and now KK sir. These losses.. all of them feel so personal."

He also turned emotional and wrote, "love every moment you're in, coz life is extremely fragile. You have no idea what artists have to go through to simply do what they love and give you the music you keep so close to your heart… Heart will be heavy, void will be felt, stories will be shared about how we should be close to our loved ones and slow down in life and not take stress. But a few days later everything will resume as if nothing happened...that is what's messing with my head right now." He also mourned for the loss of Edava Basheer… "Unfortunately we lost another talented soul yesterday. Playback singer #EdavaBasheer garu lost his life whilst performing on stage. May his soul rest in peace".

Armaan raised his voice for better management and medical facilities at the concerts. "Concerts in India need better mgmt, medical & emergency facilities. I've seen and been part of far too many shows that don't serve the right conditions for us to perform in. But yet, being the artists we are, we continue with performing coz we don't wanna disappoint our fans."

He also replied to a netizen who asked Armaan to put a condition in the agreements to provide better facilities. "FYI many artists don't even have show contracts w promoters & if they are at a level where they do & they were properly followed we wouldn't have to see a day like this. When artists stick to their contracts and don't budge, promoters say 'attitude bahut hai, maangein toh dekho'."

He also said, "Health comes first. Nothing else matters. We are all learning it the hard way."

Farah Khan

She shared a pic of KK and wrote, "You have gone too soon KK.. u were so different and Real .. in a super ambitious industry u stood out for your unfilminess.. #realartist thank you for giving my films your iconic voice".

Arjun Rampal

Tusshar Kapoor

Tusshar was totally in shock and wrote, "This is so shocking… that such a young and talented person has suddenly left us….#RIPKK You were the heart and soul of the title tracks of #mujhekucchkehnahai #kyaakoolhainhum and even #dildingdongdingdole ,among numerous other songs! I felt like you were my voice for movie songs! Thank you for your immense contribution to my body of film work ! The world has lost a gem! Amen".

Emraan Hashmi

He shared a pic of KK and jotted down, "A voice and talent like no other.. They don't make them like him anymore. Working on the songs he sang was always that much more special. You will always be in our hearts KK and live eternally through your songs. RIP Legend KK #ripkk".

Speaking to the media, he also said, "Heartbreaking news! Gone too soon. May you rest in peace KK. Prayers and condolences to the family and fans for this irreplaceable loss. He was a kind soul brimming with talent. KK, you will always be unique and eternal. This feels like a personal loss."

Anupam Kher

Anupam shared a song of KK "Jeeya Kya Jeevan Se Haar Ke…" and mourned for the loss of KK… "जीना क्या जीवन से हार के, जो हर साँस जी गया मरने का उसको गम नहीं!" ये गाना गायक के के ने मेरी निर्देशित फ़िल्म #ओमजयजगदीश में गाया था। फ़िल्म नहीं चली लेकिन जिस शिद्दत से #KK ने इस गाने को गाया था वो हमेशा मुझे मेरे बुरे वक़्त में प्रोत्साहन देता रहा।यक़ीन ही नहीं आता ऐसा ऐसा प्रतिभाशाली गायक इतनी कम उम्र में हमें छोड़ के चला गया।बहुत याद आओगे दोस्त।ओम शांति! 💔🙏🕉 #Singer #Sad #Untimely #KrishnaKumar".

Pawan Kalyan

Pawan Kalyan shared an official statement and mourned for the demise of KK and dropped a long note reminiscing his bond with this great singer. "The sudden demise of noted singer Sri Krishnakumar Kunnath who is popularly known as KK has pained me immensely. Sri KK is a singer having a special style of singing in the cine music world and I pray the God his soul may rest in peace. The songs he had sung in my films impressed fans and music lovers greatly. The song "Ye Mera Jahan" song in Khushi film has reached people of all ages. The voice of Sri KK is the reason for its success. He had sung in my films "My heart is beating..Adola" in 'Jalsa' movie, "Inthe inthinthe" in 'Balu', "Naalo nuvvu sagamai" in 'Johnny' and "Le le le le" in 'Gundumba Shankar'. All these songs not only attracted the audience but also occupied a top-notch making the music lovers to do humming forever. Shockingly, he died just after he completed a musical concert. He has been singing till his last breath. I offer my deep condolences to the bereaved family members of Sri KK. Only God may endow psychological courage to the family".

Akshay Kumar

Vivek Oberoi

Vivek is still in shock and expressed it through this tweet… "Can't believe KK is gone. It's a sad day for all of us. Always loved his voice and cherished his songs. Thanks for giving me O Humdum Suniyo Re, everytime I hear it, I will think of you brother. Heaven has become a more melodious place today while we are left with only your voice and the memories. Om shanti! #KK #RIP".

Kay Kay Menon

Himansh Kohli

Tamannah Bhatia


Harish Shanka

Kaartik Aaryan


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