Donald Trump biopic 'The Apprentice' premieres at Cannes, provokes debate

Donald Trump biopic The Apprentice premieres at Cannes, provokes debate

Download Trump’s biopic ‘The Apprentice’ premieres at Cannes, sparking controversy with a contentious scene.

Amidst the glitz and glamour of the Cannes Film Festival, one film has sparked intense debate and controversy. ‘The Apprentice,’ a biopic delving into the enigmatic past of former President Donald Trump, premiered at Cannes 2024, leaving audiences captivated yet divided.

Directed by the talented Iranian Danish filmmaker, Ali Abbasi, and starring Sebastian Stan as Trump, the film unfolds against the backdrop of the 1980s, offering a gripping portrayal of Trump's ascent in the realms of business and politics. At its core lies the intricate relationship between Trump and Roy Cohn, portrayed by Jeremy Strong, a pivotal figure in Trump's life as his defence attorney during the McCarthy era.

However, it's not the portrayal of Trump's rise to power that's grabbing headlines but rather a contentious scene depicting a disturbing act of sexual violence. In a bold and controversial move, the film depicts Trump violently assaulting his then-wife, Ivana. The scene, which portrays nonconsensual sex, has ignited fierce debate and condemnation.

In this pivotal moment, Trump's character is shown callously dismissing Ivana's desires, culminating in a harrowing depiction of domestic abuse. The inclusion of such a scene has raised questions about the boundaries of artistic expression and ethical considerations in filmmaking.

The controversy doesn't end there. Reports have emerged of behind-the-scenes tensions surrounding the production of ‘The Apprentice.’ Allegations suggest that billionaire Dan Snyder, an investor in the film and a former supporter of Trump, exerted pressure on the filmmakers to alter the portrayal of Trump in the film. Such claims underscore the complex interplay between politics, power, and art in the realm of cinema.

Director Ali Abbasi, known for his unflinching approach to storytelling, has defended the film, asserting that it is not merely a rehash of historical events but a thought-provoking exploration of morality and consequence. In a statement, Abbasi emphasised that ‘The Apprentice’ is not intended to serve as a History Channel episode but rather as a cinematic reflection on the complexities of human nature and ambition.

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