Masterstroke by master composer Sashi Preetam

Renowned musician Sashi Preetam
Renowned musician Sashi Preetam

Renowned musician Sashi Preetam recently performed free concert 'Back from the Past' online on May 31 as part of the fight against Covid 19 pandemic. He shares his concerns over the impending coronavirus crisis across the globe and his love for music


Sashi Preetam is a multifaceted and multi-talented music composer, producer, performer, singer, songwriter, instrumentalist, documentary filmmaker, philanthropist, and an ardent animal lover. In the 90s, his first film 'Gulabi' was the greatest musical hit of the Telugu Film Industry.

During lockdown he spent time on composing music, writing songs, recording them at his home studio besides spending time with his two dogs and a cat. Preetam says, "To drive away lockdown blues of people, I announced about performing a webcast concert to entertain music lovers."

How do you feel about online concerts? He says, "There are many technical issues like load shedding, internet speed and data problems.

When I faced such challenges during my online concert I immediately posted on my Facebook and Instagram a message to all my music lovers and they waited for the streaming to start.

I was able to reach my audience despite all the challenges to nearly 5 to 6 YouTube channels across the globe and several Facebook pages.

The audience response was mighty." He believes that music has been there for centuries and is independent of cinema. He says, "Therefore, I started M FILES project to promote, produce and distribute independent music.

This will give opportunity to writers, singers and composers and several musicians also."

Preetam who started his career as an advertising account eexecutive got an opportunity to be a jingle composer for several corporate products, five years after he became a professional musician. documentaries and several ad films. Today, I have mastered cinematography, editing, animation and VFX also and run advertising business.

"I always had a dream to record a song with Boney M. That dream came true in 2009 when I produced and Directed a Hindi Film titled, 'KIRKIT'.

The star singer of Boney M, Marcia Barrette recorded a song for me in Berlin. That was really a very enthralling moment having achieved my childhood dream," he shares.

For aspiring singers, he says, "There is no shortcut to becoming a successful singer. Immense practice and dedication are the only tools that will take you a long way.

I also wish to add, that this is a very important question and definitely aspiring singers can gain a lot of insight from experienced and established musicians.

With this objective I am also commencing online instructions to singers, musicians, sound and music programmers."

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