Ashwin Babu’s ‘Shivam Bhaje’ Teaser Offers Action, Crime, and Spirituality

Ashwin Babu’s ‘Shivam Bhaje’ Teaser Offers Action, Crime, and Spirituality

Blending action, emotion, and spirituality, Ashwin Babu's 'Shivam Bhaje' teaser was released. Directed by Apsar, this fantasy thriller sets high expectations among the audience.

Ashwin Babu is carving a niche for himself in the film industry with his diverse movie choices. Following the psychological action thriller 'Hidimba' last year, Ashwin is now set to captivate audience attention with his latest feature, 'Shivam Bhaje'.

Directed by Apsar, this fantasy action thriller blends action, emotion, and spirituality, creating a unique cinematic experience. The first teaser for 'Shivam Bhaje' was released on June 19 and has already reaped significant buzz.

The teaser for 'Shivam Bhaje' is very intriguing. It starts with Ashwin Babu in a disturbing dream sequence, where blood spills on a photo of Lord Shiva. This unsettling imagery sets the tone for the movie. Ashwin's character is also seen confiding with the doctor, saying, “Sudden headache coming on. I don't understand what is happening."

The teaser introduces a pivotal Aghori character who offers cryptic advice: "Sekhara, if you sharpen your thoughts beyond confusion, you will understand everything. This war is not yours. The enemy's destruction is written by Nilakanthu himself."

The teaser also hints at a series of crimes that prompt an investigation. The Aghori ominously warns, "You are about to hit an unexpected doom without knowing it." This peeks at the high-action scenes to come. One standout moment shows Ashwin's character in a fierce confrontation, holding the villain with his tongue out—a scene that promises high-octane action. In addition, the teaser concludes with a powerful shot of Lord Shiva, symbolising the spiritual undertones of the film.

Clocking in at one minute and 14 seconds, the 'Shivam Bhaje' teaser is packed with action, crime, and devotion. Ashwin Babu's performance is compelling, and director Apsar's vision is clearly impressive. The background score by Vikas Badisa enhances the teaser's intensity, building anticipation for the full movie. Overall, the teaser sets high expectations for 'Shivam Bhaje'.

Alongside Ashwin Babu, the film stars Digangana Suryavanshi as the female lead. The supporting cast includes Arbaaz Khan, Murali Sharma, Hyper Aadi, Brahmaji, Tulasi, Devi Prasad, and Ayyappa Sharma, each playing crucial roles. Produced by Maheshwar Reddy Mooli, 'Shivam Bhaje' promises to be a significant release. However, the release date is yet to be finalised.

Ashwin Babu, the younger brother of renowned anchor Omkar, made his debut in 2012 with the movie ‘Genius’. He gained recognition with 'Raju Gari Gadhi', directed by Omkar, which was a success in 2015. Although subsequent films like 'Nanna Nenu Naa Boy Friend', 'Raju Gari Gadhi 2', and 'Raju Gari Gadhi 3' received mixed responses, Ashwin made a notable comeback with 'Hidimba' last year. With 'Shivam Bhaje', he aims to continue his streak of diverse and engaging roles.

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