China, Pak bigger terrorists than Azhar, Saeed

China, Pak bigger terrorists than Azhar, SaeedChina, Pak bigger terrorists than Azhar, Saeed

It is 10 years and four attempts now by the world, and yet, China holds on to terror tenaciously to blackmail the world. Every Pakistan will have a...

It is 10 years and four attempts now by the world, and yet, China holds on to terror tenaciously to blackmail the world. Every Pakistan will have a Crookistan to support it and the likes of Masood Azhars and Hafiz Saeeds are vital to the interests of both. But then, why should one be surprised at all by the refusal of China and Pakistan to recognise those devils as terrorists.

The bigger terrorists are these two nations who prefer proxy wars against the world to enrich themselves. One thrives on the terror funds and the other, on its commerce. Both these are used to arm twist and blackmail the nations. If Pakistan uses its terror modules against its neighbours, Iran, Afghanistan and India, and keeps them on tenterhooks, China does the same using its lure of development.

From Africa to Middle East to former Soviet countries to Far East, China has been threatening, coercing and intimidating nations to surrender their land in lieu of the loans taken from it for rebuilding their economy. It has succeeded too in occupying vast lengths of mineral rich land in these countries just as it has done in Gilgit Baltistan region of the occupied Kashmir in Pakistan. Both these have scant regard for international norms and practices.

Accepted methods of governance around the world are unacceptable to these lechers. The repression and brutalities unleashed against not just its own populations and ethnic groups and also against Tibetans and Uighurs make China no less a terrorist State than Pakistan which allows its non-State actors to kill and maim the minorities. Religious minorities in Pakistan like Hindus, Christians, Sikhs, Ahmedis and Hazara continue to face violent attacks in Pakistan and this is not something that outsiders had pointed out.

Even the civil society in Pakistan knows about it. The Human Rights Commission at the launch of its annual report, State of Human Rights in 2017 — dedicated to the late activist Asma Jahangir - said people continued to disappear in Pakistan, sometimes because they criticised the country's powerful military or because they advocated better relations with neighbouring India.

Chinese working overseas too disappear the moment they land back in China along with their relatives and kin. Activists and those who oppose the dictatorship of Chinese leadership and those who attempt to question the State too disappear at an alarming rate in China and consistently. The rising incidence of enforced disappearances and extrajudicial killings, and the extension of the jurisdiction of military courts has always been a concern for the people in Pakistan.

Just as in Pakistan, again, military, party and government are inseparable, and the consequent terror being churned out is immense and choking. Journalists and bloggers continue to sustain threats, attacks and abductions. The people's right to socio-cultural activities is curtailed by intolerance and extremism.

These are the countries, which are in fact, enemies of their own people by continuously stifling freedom of thought, conscience and religion. They also resort to incitement of hatred and bigotry. Who is a bigger terrorist? A Masood Azhar or the State? Let us not expect a terror State to proscribe its own ilk!

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