Build an incredible India, says KCR

Build an incredible India, says KCR

Addressing the invitees at Hyderabad Public Gardens on June 2, 2022 on the occasion of Telangana State Formation Day and coinciding with completion of eight years of his role model governance, Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao initially listed out with details, a plethora of welfare and development programs and schemes being successfully implemented in the state.

Addressing the invitees at Hyderabad Public Gardens on June 2, 2022 on the occasion of Telangana State Formation Day and coinciding with completion of eight years of his role model governance, Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao initially listed out with details, a plethora of welfare and development programs and schemes being successfully implemented in the state. Later he mentioned about the series of injustices inflicted on states by the center and underscored the necessity of an alternate national agenda to build the incredible India in the days to come. KCR cited the example of Telangana Role Model.

In his hour-long address KCR detailed how Telangana had reached the pinnacle of development and welfare and stood with a sense of pride in the world in a short span of eight years. The inference is that Telangana State has become a role model, rather Telangana Model, for others in the country to emulate and replicate.

Highlighting the state's financial strengths and how it has been progressing in all aspects, with strict financial prudence and perfect planning, KCR said that the state could increase its revenue resources. With 17.24 per cent average annual economic growth, Telangana State became number one in the country. Despite several obstacles and a deadly pandemic situation like Corona, Telangana State is making rapid strides in fiscal development.

The last part of his address for which KCR took one fourth of his time, was strategically positioned against central government's indifference and discrimination towards Telangana in particular and states in general citing number of examples. He intended that unfortunately Centre is discouraging and discriminating the progressive and development-oriented state. Merging 7 Mandals in Khammam district with AP in the initial days of state formation resulting in losing the Sileru Power Project and delaying division of the then AP High Court were couple of examples cited by KCR. Center's failure to heed to NITI Ayog advise for release of Rs 25, 000 Crores to Mission Bhagiratha was another example cited by CM KCR.

Extending aid to the backward districts or tax exemptions to the new state or establishing Bayyaram Steel Factory or Khazipet Coach factory or setting up if ITIR or delimiting the assembly constituencies or even not responding to Telangana bound medical students of Ukraine etc. were few more examples cited by KCR.

Strongly criticizing center for its failure to procure paddy cultivated in Telangana KCR demanded center to procure every morsel of paddy cultivated in the state. Despite dharna and protests in Delhi by the people's representatives including him, the center remained silent said CM KCR. Union Minister's sarcastic remarks on the issue were not palatable. Making it clear that farmers in the country are not beggars, KCR reiterated that, there should be a uniform policy on Paddy procurement all over the country. KCR warned center not to provoke farmers in the country and demanded the center to shun its pro-corporate and anti-farmer's policies immediately. He assured the farmers that the state government would however stand by them even if the Centre does not support come what may.

Comparing the international scenario with that of India, KCR said that, worldwide, the systems of monarchy and dictatorship are done away and, in its place, democracy has come to stay. Many countries have adopted parliamentary form of democracy, a representative democratic process. As democracy matures in the course of evolution, observed KCR that countries have increased public empowerment by decentralizing powers and strengthening civil society participation. In India even after a long reign of 75 years, decentralization of powers has not taken place in the true spirit of cooperative federalism, and instead, authoritarian tendencies increased day by day and power became more and more centralized. The federal spirit is totally lost.

Referring to the Constitution of India which gives states considerable political, legislative, administrative and autonomous powers KCR said that, successive governments that have been in power at the Center have eroded the spirit of the Constitution and the autonomy of the states. The spirit of the three lists in the Constitution which define the powers of the Center and the powers of the States namely Central, State and Concurrent is lost. Various items from the state list were moved to the concurrent list. The concurrent inventory is growing day-by-day. The state list is diminishing. The autonomy of the states enshrined in the Constitution is becoming nominal. Reports of various commissions to protect the rights of states remained on paper.

CM KCR said that the government currently in power at the center believes in the doctrine of "strong center - weak states" and in the process weakening states financially. The states' share of central taxes which is a constitutional right of states, is now converted as Cess by the center to evade transferring to the states. Millions of crores of rupees due to the states are not paid. In addition, various kinds of sanctions are arbitrarily imposed on the states, undermining the economic freedom of the states. Central Government which mandates states to strictly adhere to FRBM provisions, violates them and borrows loans indiscriminately. And hence said CM KCR that the Centre's attitude has become a stumbling block for states like Telangana, which maintains financial discipline and FRBM limits. He demanded the Center to lift the economic sanctions on the states and stop violation of the rights of the states.

CM KCR in his address observed that the country has no aim and objective. It is like a sinking boat with no anchor. Even after 75 years of independence there is still poverty. He questioned as to who is responsible for not utilizing the vast human and natural resources that the country had in abundance? Who failed to guide the country? He appealed intellectuals to ponder over on the matter. Irrespective of who comes to power at the center, it is time for everyone to give a thought for an alternate national development agenda, which can steer the country of its problems. The country needs a new direction and new vision. There should be a meaningful and real change in the lives of people. There should be a qualitative change in the governance of the country said KCR.

Chief Minister KCR expressed concern over the prevailing scenario in the country fighting over caste and religious differences, whereas, other countries, which attained freedom along with us, are becoming super powers. Today the country is in a dangerous situation. The country is totally preoccupied with politics of hate. There is no other discussion or debate in the country other than religious fundamentalism. If the destructive elements are allowed to have their say further, the unity and integrity of the country will suffer.

In his concluding remarks, KCR while assuring the people of Telangana, as his bounden duty to protect them and state till his last breath, said that, it is also equally his duty to fight against the politics of hatred to protect the interests of the country. The Role Model Telangana Agenda, said KCR, which is dispensing the fruits of development and welfare to all sections of people in the state should be implemented all over the country as a national alternate development agenda. He gave a call to the Telangana people that they should be in forefront to build the incredible India.

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