Connected, are we?

Connected, are we?

Constipation simply means a system failure in the body. It's when the food moves so slowly in our digestive tract that the colon absorbs more water,...

Constipation simply means a system failure in the body. It's when the food moves so slowly in our digestive tract that the colon absorbs more water, and the stool ends up becoming dry and hard. Our bowel movements should be smooth and steady and at a similar hour each day. When they are infrequent and hard to pass, then the body is trying to let us know that something is wrong. Laxatives are not a long-term solution. Our body communicates through symptoms, and if we suppress the symptoms with medications, it will not help us get to the cause. Rather than resigning to taking laxatives for the rest of your life, it would be useful to address the matter at the level of cause.

Read on to find the causes of constipation and how you can ensure this system failure doesn't occur…

Lack of Fibre

Fibre is the internal cleanser of our body. Fruits, salads and whole foods are best sources of fibre and should be a part of our everyday diet.


Animal flesh contains no fibre and is full of fats and protein that take longer to digest. Avoid eating meat-based foods and rely more on delicious meat alternatives that can be made at home with ease.


Dairy is a common cause of constipation. This is because dairy contains no fibre and its protein is difficult to digest. Look for dairy alternatives instead.

Processed Foods

Processed food largely lacks fibre. Therefore, foods like white bread, white rice, white pasta can cause constipation. Whole foods such as brown rice and millet pastas are highly recommended.

Gluten Foods

Gluten is a protein found in foods such as wheat, barley, rye. Its hard to digest and can result in constipation.

Fried & Fast Foods

Low fibre and excessive fat stresses the digestive tract resulting in constipation. It's best to opt for baked foods instead of fried stuff!

Lack of Exercise

Physical activity keeps the metabolism high, aiding the digestive system too. People leading a sedentary life are more prone to constipation.

Lack of Water

For the stool to be soft, water is imperative. Don't forget to drink when you are thirsty.

Irregular Lifestyle

Our body loves routine. Constipation is common when you have jet lag or late nights. It helps to set a routine of early dinner and early bed time. Contstipation can also be a result of not going to the washroom when you have the urge. When you hold on, the desire can disappear, leaving you constipated.


Constipation is a side-effect of a number of medicines including sedatives, narcotics, some anti-depressants and BP lowering medicines. If one eats right, exercises well and stays positive, any form of medication becomes redundant!


When we consume large amounts of alcohol, it can increase the amount of fluids that are lost through urine. This results in dehydration and, eventually, constipation.

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