Mighty Onion And Powerful Potato

Mighty Onion And Powerful Potato

In today's time a complete and balanced meal could be Onion (your vegetable) + Daal + Potato (Your grain replacement) We are currently living in an...

In today's time a complete and balanced meal could be Onion (your vegetable) + Daal + Potato (Your grain replacement)

We are currently living in an extraordinary situation, locked down at our home and our pantries are stocked with the everlasting onion and potatoes. Truly I thank God for them! It will help us stay on track with our health goals even if we are not able to incorporate any other vegetables in our diet. Let me tell you a little more about these two:

Dread not the powerful potato - the most misunderstood root. I love this Irish prayer by John Taylor Petee and I am sharing a quote from it–

"Search out the poor, their wants and their needs

Prayer for peace, and grace, and spiritual food,

For wisdom and guidance - for all these are good,

But don't forget the potatoes."

In times of pandemic, a bag of potatoes lying in our house can truly save us. 250 years ago, Anthony Parmendier a French apothecary (someone who prepares and sells medicines) after going to prison for 5 times during France's 7-year war surviving on a diet of only potatoes. He realized the nutritive value of potatoes and won the award in 1785 when famine struck France and grains disappeared and he advocated eating potatoes in place of the grain.

In 1842, it was mandatory for the royal navy sailors to eat potatoes daily as it prevented scurvy. Let me now tell you the nutritive richness of potato. It is the best known source of Vitamin C the need of the day to boost immunity. A complex carbohydrate dietary fibre rich food, it contains up to 80% water, steadily releases energy in the body and is safe for diabetics. It contains NO fat and let's not forget magnesium which helps elevate our mood, no wonder it is a comfort food!

Phytochemicals in the potato rival those in spinach. So don't malign the potato, cook it in the right way!

While having studied diets of centenarians, onions feature heavily in it. The mighty onion is a very important vegetable promoting longevity. I know that the onions contain natural sulphur, which aids in mucous drying keeping the bronchial tract clean.The strong flavour and smell of the onions which often make you cry could actually prevent infections, no wonder in the middle ages onions were used as prevention against the plague.

I am so glad to share with you that the ordinary onion has the property to liquefy phlegm and prevent its recurrence. Today I use it and recommend it as a herbal remedy to prevent colds and coughs, bronchitis and influenza.

I eat it daily and ask you to too! This is truly the need of the hour when we are surrounded by this virus which is known to target the respiratory tract.Please use onions in every meal, be it raw, sautéed, roasted, grilled or tossed with other food.

Onions are antioxidantsbelonging to theAlium group of vegetables. Antioxidants are your natural compounds which are present in plants that act as shields against free radicals damage. Humans, breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide, oxygen can be very unstable thus damaging healthy body cells. When we eat from the plant kingdom, their antioxidants enter your blood stream and therefore onions protect you. Onions act like an armor that protects you in exactly the same way that a bullet may dent a hard surface but spare the occupant inside.

Stay home stay safe and eat foods that comfort and boost your immunity.

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