'Nomadic' travellers explore places less traversed

‘Nomadic’ travellers explore places less traversed

For many millennials, travelling has evolved into a need from mere desires. The globetrotters can't confine themselves to rigid geographical...

For many millennials, travelling has evolved into a need from mere desires. The globetrotters can't confine themselves to rigid geographical boundaries and they love to continue their journeys, from visiting virgin places of their own country to exploring the beauty of foreign lands. Here, the latest travel trends set by nomads in quest of wander pleasure, these nomads are not only youth but the elderly and specially-abled people, too.

Rise of women nomads:

Nowadays, women are stepping out of their routine activities and embracing professionally challenged responsibilities with utmost zeal and dedication. Also, they are financially more independent and stronger than ever and free to pursue their dreams. Consequently, solo women travellers are making their presence felt among 'nomadic' travellers.

They are no more dependent on males, either they love to take a solo trip or enjoy the company of women travellers. From homelands to the outer world, they are fearlessly travelling and following their passion.

An upsurge in the number of women nomads is fetching great opportunities to travel companies. Impressed with women travellers' unprecedented growth, travel companies are offering special packages to solo women travellers and other women groups.

Exploring less discovered cities of Europe:

The present generation of globetrotters now prefers travelling to the Tier-II cities of foreign countries. Many cities in Europe like Riga, Naples, and Valencia are the hot favourite places of young travel junkies. Apart from the novelties, these places won't make a hole in one's pocket.

These less travelled areas have a plethora of natural and cultural beauty, which greatly entices to the generation born and brought up in the highly modernised world. Also, visiting these places help travellers to come across amazing architectures of ancient and medieval ages, which many travel enthusiasts love to know.

Mini trips:

Presently, a majority of 'nomads' has shifted their priorities from long trips to shorter ones. A short trip doesn't require a big budget and heavy luggage. It is like a short break from the monotony of a rigid life. Research says that about 83 per cent of travellers in the present era love to take multiple short breaks than one long break in a year. Another survey reveals that frequent trips have a significant impact on the minds of travellers; the after-holiday moments of short trips are long-lived than a single long trip.

Growing fandom of cruise trips:

For years, cruise trips were labelled as luxury and swanky travel experience, the rising income of the middle-class segment and budget-friendly cruising packages have made cruise trips affordable for more and more people. Not only the youth but people in their 50s and 60s are also interested to spend their vacations on a cruise.

A cruise is a destination in itself with no worries about where to stay, what to eat or where to drive. Also, during such travels, one can take part in a variety of live events and activities such as plays, concerts, pool games, and snooker.

Travel plans for senior citizens & specially-abled:

It's a fact that along with youth, the lifestyle of elderly people is also changing significantly in the 21st century. However, this group of travellers needs to stay prepared before the travel experience becomes problematic.

Many travel companies are coming out with plans to make travel for the elderly and those with disabilities. All these agencies are creating unique itineraries to accessible destinations for encouraging this group of people to celebrate their love for travel.

- Nidhi Jain, Co-founder, Rising Star Tours & Travels.

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