Through Rainbow-Coloured Glasses: A Guide to San Francisco’s Month of Pride

Through Rainbow-Coloured Glasses: A Guide to San Francisco’s Month of Pride

San Francisco, renowned as the LGBTQ capital of the world, celebrates Pride with vibrant and inclusive events throughout June. This guide highlights the city's major festivities, from the iconic parade to the celebrated Frameline48 film festival

San Francisco's status as the LGBTQ capital of the world is not accidental, it is a testament to the city's culture of inclusivity. From trailblazers like Harvey Milk to topics like AIDS and gay marriage, LGBTQ influence shapes San Francisco’s history and present, celebrated everywhere from local icons to festivals, and bars. In its 54th year, San Francisco's Pride celebration, themed "Beacon of Love," stands as a testament to the city's commitment to sharing a message of love and acceptance with the world. Within its vibrant 49 square miles, everyone is invited to revel in the spirit of Pride. As the city decks itself out in multi-coloured hues, immerse yourself in a celebration of love, equality, and self-expression. From the iconic parade down Market Street to the lively festivities at Pride Central, there is something for everyone to enjoy as the whole city comes together to honour this shared journey towards equality and celebrate the diversity of San Francisco’s LGBTQ+ community.

Events Throughout the Month


Join in the celebration of queer cinema at Frameline's 48th season, running from June 19 to June 29. This beloved film festival showcases feature films, documentaries, conversations with film stars, and more. Additionally, one can also stream and enjoy encore presentations of these special selections.

27th Annual National Queer Arts Festival (NQAF)

NQAF is the largest queer arts festival in North America. This annual multidisciplinary event takes place across the San Francisco Bay Area. The 2024 NQAF theme, "JOYPOCALYPSE," highlights the importance of collective liberatory queer joy amidst ongoing cascading collective trauma.

Drag Me Downtown

Save the date for Drag Me Downtown, a dazzling series of pop-up drag shows happening every Thursday in June from 5 to 7 p.m. Featuring sets of new performers and unique venues each week, this sequin-studded extravaganza not only celebrates the vibrant community but also supports local businesses. Join us in downtown San Francisco for an unforgettable experience where everyone is embraced. Admission to Drag Me Downtown is free, but pre-registration is encouraged. All proceeds from pre-registration go towards supporting Trans Thrive which is a nonprofit dedicated to creating safe spaces and providing services and events for the entire trans/GNC community.

Pink Triangle

San Francisco proudly showcases a towering pink triangle on Twin Peaks every year, reclaiming a symbol that was once used against the LGBTQ+ community. Originating in 1996, this tradition symbolizes both a painful reflection on the past and a hopeful outlook for the future. Witness this nightly beacon of love, hope, and resilience throughout Pride month, serving as a powerful reminder of the community's strength and perseverance.

Biggest Pride Events

Civic Center Celebration, Saturday, June 29

Pride Central will take over the public plaza in front of City Hall from noon to 6 p.m. on June 29 featuring over 20 community stages. From the Urban Global Village Stage to the API LGBT Stage, Soul of Pride, and Homo Hip-Hop, visitors can enjoy a diverse array of live performances. If you happen to miss a show, there is a way to catch up. Many groups will be back the next day, ensuring everyone has the chance to experience the vibrant celebration.

San Francisco Pride Parade, Sunday, June 30

San Francisco's Pride Parade is different from any other parade out there. It features participants representing every colour of the rainbow flag while the parade draws spectators by the thousands. Marching from downtown, participants will progress westward along Market Street toward City Hall, where a massive assembly of vendors and performers await surrounding the plaza and extending a warm welcome to the parade-goers. This year's Grand Marshals comprise a diverse group, including performer and activist Billy Porter, Rebecca Rolfe from the SF LGBT Center, Xavier Davenport, trans masc community leader Tory Teasley, musician, vocalist, and activist, Nicole Adler, Xander Briere, a non-binary queer activist, and a development disabilities advocate.

Juanita MORE!'s Pride Party, Sunday, June 30

Juanita MORE! brings her iconic Pride party to life once again, a legendary event benefiting The Q Foundation at 620 Jones. Advance tickets, priced at $60 (cash only), ensure entry to this unforgettable celebration. Join the festivities and immerse yourself in the vibrant energy of San Francisco's Pride season and a chance to experience Juanita MORE!'s renowned extravaganza in support of a worthy cause.

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