Establishing her own designs

Establishing her own designs

Suhair Sayeed, who achieved success in commerce has a profession in fashion designing.

School and colleges teach you about subjects, but when it comes to careers, people pause and start thinking about the fields of work they want to pursue. Suhair Sayeed, who achieved success in commerce has a profession in fashion designing.

The fact that fashion is easily copied by others presented a huge challenge for Suhair, who developed her own aesthetic when designing the collection. The clothing's original designs were produced with care to make them challenging for others to quickly imitate.

"I was completely lost after getting my degree; I had no idea about a career. Then, I started talking to my lecturer, and I realised that arts were something I was naturally drawn to. I told my dad about it, and I started working on fashion designing courses," recalls Suhair, who earned her fashion designing degree from Manipal Academy of Higher Education in Dubai.

There are numerous fashion designers in the city, but what set Suhair distinct was that she bought the materials straight from the weavers. "I had no idea about the fashion here in Hyderabad; we used to work on various patterns in Dubai, but after getting married I moved to India, and the work style here is completely different people here prefer heavy work and this took me time to adopt hyderabadi culture," says Suhair who later made her own mark in the city.

Suhair, the owner of Plush shop, acknowledges that juggling two activities at once could be challenging. She decided to run the website bearing the moniker Plush Boutique as a result, which helped her gain notoriety and enabled her to eventually start her own boutique.

Suhair, a mother of two, says, "I'm meticulous about quality and I work on designs first before taking them on to the board. It takes 15 to 20 days for designer outfit, and I make sure to buy the cloth from the best area, picking up collection from Pakistan and Surat to give the best to my clients.

People from Australia, the UAE, UK, USA and Pakistan call me for the collection, says Suhair, who has been running the boutique for the past 12 years and has gained clients from all over the world.

The best part is that Suhair created jobs for 12 people and wished to establish a showroom one day. She said, "I'm grateful to my parents and husband who encouraged me to develop my own identity and have been incredibly supportive of me from the beginning." Suhair, who also showed her collection at Dubai Fashion Week, makes this statement. Suahir, who has previously worked for well-known individuals in the city, wants to collaborate with both small and big screen artists in the future to explore big platforms and create more jobs for others.

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