Improving WFH Productivity

Improving WFH Productivity

With COVID-19 bringing a sizeable portion of the world under partial or complete lockdown, work from home (WFH) has emerged as a hot topic of discussion.

With COVID-19 bringing a sizeable portion of the world under partial or complete lockdown, work from home (WFH) has emerged as a hot topic of discussion. #WFH is a visible hashtag on social media these days. But WFH is not a new concept. With advances in technology, organizations have been exploring WFH, especially around the future of work, Employee Engagement, and Diversity & Inclusion. In many companies, flexible work and WFH were becoming part of policy discussions. Experts on habit change claim that doing something repeatedly over sometime helps develop new habits. People are practicing WFH, social distancing, frequent sanitizing, and wearing masks. In fact, in the foreseeable future, the mask may become a mandatory accessory just like mobile phones. Here are few tips to improve productivity while working from home in India:

Come up with a designated work from home desk

The foremost step in pepping up your work from home productivity is to set up a designated workstation. This helps you slide into workflow easily and in maintaining work discipline while at home.

Maintain your remote workspace hygiene

Just setting up a designated work from home desk wouldn't cover the lengths of productivity. You now have to keep it hygienic enough to maintain healthy work habits. Decluttering is the key to attaining this, simply get rid of all the non-work related articles from around your workstation. And having this done, you are now keeping away from the most of distraction that can hamper your productivity.

Wake up to a workday attire – Change out of your pyjamas

Waking up to your laptop in the couch you slept last night wearing the same Pyjamas you wear at home isn't going to help. Instead, wake up earlier than you intend to. Change into your workplace attire and get going on the work for the day. Dress up the way you do for your workplace and keep the workflow same as usual.

Take breathers not vacations

It is often observed that we take more than what can be defined as a break while working from home. In order to really juice out productivity, one must ensure that the breaks are plenty but time-bound as well. While planning your work sprints for a 9 hour work day, count in 3 breathers of 15-20 minutes each. Don't over-do these or overindulge in getting out for breaks more than these.

Get out daily

When on a consecutively longer work from home regime, getting out for a stroll regularly is also suggested. Such a habit would ensure your productivity outflow and help your creative juices flowing. For creative individuals and those who sit behind a desk for long, it helps induce new ideas and stimulates enthusiasm & will to work within.

Listen to music & beat out the workday blues

Listening to music works wonders in improving your work from home productivity. The thing you need to make sure is that it shouldn't be distracting enough, but should sync in your flow. Keeping the volume low but audible is one thing you can do. Choosing a work-specific playlist is another. Music can definitely elevate your work from home productivity and plugging into it zones you out from everything else but your work.

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