'Milkmaid' of mordern times


Natural is making a comeback. Following the trend, and amidst worrisome reports of milk adulteration, Allola Divya Reddy started Klimom to supply pure, chemical-free cow milk

Young entrepreneur Allola Divya Reddy has ventured into unique area of work with Klimom, a place that supplies unadultered milk from cows that are well taken care of.

Making her mark with her brand of milk she makes sure that people save themselves from harmfully spiked milk that is usually sold in the market these days.

She shares, "I had a very normal happy childhood and I was very shy as a child. I loved to explore nature.

My family is fond of cows and we are connected to them. I never touched a cow in my childhood and now rearing them and taking care of them is my passion."

She relates her experience that laid the foundation for her big idea, "It all began about four and a half years ago when I got to know about the adulteration in the milk available in the market, I was scared to give that milk to my kids and even dreaded the thought that all these years I was giving the same milk to them.

Milk was supposed to be healthy and that is what we have been hearing from ages. This is not the milk our ancestors consumed."

On doing research she found out that A2 milk is best "It is nothing but local Indian desi cow's milk. I started looking for an A2 milk source in Hyderabad to no avail.

Then, I thought why I shouldn't get cows to my farm, give the pure milk to my kids and bring to use the cow dung and cow urine in organic farming. This quest for providing pure A2 milk made me travel to Gujarat.

The only intention that I had then was to give pure milk to my kids, however, when I went there, I witnessed the beauty of the relation between Gvala (cow caretaker) and the cows.

I was moved by the sight of the cows and Gvala, who were affectionate to each other and the Gvala was very happy with the way the cows responded to him during milking. This is what I wanted to experience too.

On my way back to Hyderabad I decided that I would work for increasing the population of these cows and set up my own Gaushala. In the beginning it was only for my kids, however I shared the extra milk with friends and family and they spread the word and that marked the beginning of Klimom Wellness And Farms."

Once she began rearing cows, there was no looking back. Divya shares, "This is not dairy businessfor me. It is very sacred.

My Gaushala is a place where happy cows live. I believe 'Happy Cows give Happy Milk'. My journey to Gujarat was the turning point of my life."

Divya prefers to limit her supply to desi cow milk. She explains, "As the saying in Telugu goes, "Gangi Govu Paalu Garitadayna Chaalu" and in Vedas it is said to be equivalent to Amrut; cow's milk is the best milk for all to consume.

When I am talking about cow milk, it is desi cow, not the hybrid one. Hybrid cow milk has cancer and diabetes, and other disease-causing components as it has already been proven."

She also feels that in comparison desi cow milk is much better than buffalo milk.

"Desi Cow milk or its products are easily soluble in the human body at a temperature which is 37 degrees which is normal body temperature of a human being.

Whereas buffalo fat is soluble at 42 degrees, which is more than normal temperature of a human being.

Hence this fat gets stored in the body which increases bad cholesterol leading to cardiovascular diseases. Whereas, Desi Cow's A2 milk fat increases good cholesterol, improves digestion, increases immunity and metabolism.

It is beneficial for curing thyroid dysfunctions, controls diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. It aids in weight loss and lowers ageing process," she adds.

About herfuture plans she says, "I am working on creating awareness about the importance of desi cows, increasing their population, awareness of A2 milk and it's products and in the process of increasing the population of cows, I will be able to empower many women."

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