Styling lingerie gives you confidence

Styling lingerie gives you confidence

Lingerie was traditionally regarded as a buzzword and was not always a part of the Indian wardrobe.

Lingerie was traditionally regarded as a buzzword and was not always a part of the Indian wardrobe. However, with the shifting environment of the fashion industry, the topic has evolved with cultural and technological shifts in India, and it has recently become a vital element of the wardrobe.

According to a report, the lingerie market is estimated to be worth Rs 25Cr. The report further states that the category is poised to grow to Rs 60,277 crores in 2026 at a CAGR of 14% during the FY. The women's lingerie growth narrative in India is currently at its most promising stage, with rising demand for trendy, sensual, and premium lingerie.

The Indian lingerie market is no longer a secretive one, rather, one that has attracted numerous ladies who demand the most stunning and inventive piece with confidence. This has also offered brands the ability to experiment with diverse styles. Hence, here Siddharth Grover, Director, Groversons Paris Beauty share the guide to style your lingerie in different ways which will indeed give you confidence.

Best ways to style Lingerie

Begin from the ground up

Wearing lingerie during the day can be unnerving at first, so start with minimal stuff and keep rest for the evening hours. Then, add some beautiful jewellery, such as necklaces, bracelets, or anklets, to spruce up your whole look. A sleek pearl set will complement your bare breast if you have a proven collection of plunge neckline bras. Pair it with earrings for a strappy bra. Remember to bring your other accessories. A pair of stockings kept up by a garter belt instantly adds a more sensual element. Wrap yourself in a mesh or silk robe and put on a pair of high heels.

Perfect lingerie set

Wearing the perfect lingerie set boosts your self-esteem. Layering is the secret to making a bra lingerie set work. Begin with a subtle or eye-catching bra and work your way up. For example, if you're wearing a pink satin long line bra, pair it with a lace shoulder wrap. The lace's loose knit will provide some coverage without totally concealing what's below. For a truly gorgeous look, match the ensemble with high-waisted white jeans and a multi chain necklace. If you want to be a little more daring, wear a fishnet top over your bra. Wear it with a pair of baggy black leggings and a track jacket over everything. It's a casual yet adventurous attire that combines many aesthetics.


The pyjama trend is one of the most popular trends. The art of wearing pyjamas in public is hard to execute; even if you're wearing lingerie, you don't want to look like you've just rolled out of bed. When wearing pyjamas as a daytime costume, keep the rest of your appearance as polished and neat as possible. High heels are likely the only proper footwear for a beautiful lounge dress, and your makeup and hair must be flawless.

Slips and Camisoles

Camisoles, like tank tops, are typically worn underneath garments. Wear a slip cami or dress as an intimate nighttime piece or as a sumptuous daytime favorite. Slips are a must-have wardrobe item that are ideal for transitional wearing. Layer with second-skin clothing or outerwear, and layer up or down as the temperature changes. This piece is simple to tuck into pants or other bottoms for an entirely different look. Playing with the textiles in your clothing is an important part of wearing a camisole. Keep the other textures more visibly rough, especially if your camisole is satin or silk.

Bra top

Making the transition from no bra to bra top is ideal for shifting from summer to fall and even winter to spring. Any bandeau, bustier, bra, or bralette will do, whether it's made of rib-knit, jersey, silk, lace, or another fabric. If you don't like the look on its own, consider wearing it on the outside of a t-shirt. When warmer weather, layer it with a cardigan, button-up shirt, or jacket, or wear it alone. The bra top, like leggings, is sure to become a wardrobe staple in no time.

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