Unlock your baby's abilities at a young age

Raghav and Shraddha Himatsingka

Raghav and Shraddha Himatsingka


Raising Superstars is a self-funded, Mumbai-based startup that promises to awaken the unconscious genius of babies less than 2 years of age, through research backed methods that they have tried and tested on 100s of babies before launching commercially

Raising Superstars, a unique kind of framework designed to unlock the miraculous abilities in baby's age 0 to 2 years.

The company was conceptualized by real-life couple Raghav and Shraddha Himatsingka about 3 years ago as a framework and system for their own baby, but it quickly took the shape of a full-fledged edtech entrepreneurial venture in August 2020.

We know that every baby born in this world is born with infinite potential. This means that at birth, they have more talent than any other person who has ever lived on planet earth, whether it's Einstein, or Federer, or Picasso, da Vinci, etc. However, this talent gets quickly thrown out by the brain if they are not developed fairly soon. They have spent more than 2000 hours to develop their proprietary, Prodigy Framework and the Prodigy Baby System that helps parents preserve these incredible abilities in their babies before they turn even 2 years old. The company has served more than 10,000+ babies from 20+ countries since inception and have a mission to serve 1 million babies within the next 3 years.

Shraddha shares, "Modern parenting is hard. It almost always feels like a race. You are always running around. Taking care of your baby's immediate needs - from diapers, vaccinations, sleep schedules, etc. - to looking out for the next best thing that will give your baby that edge over others. Even though parents are slowly learning to give up on the erstwhile obsession of making every kid into an engineer or a doctor, there is a new urge to discover the baby's own potential and help them succeed in the field of their interest."

There is none of the usual pressures of homework, worksheets and computer screen time. All exercises have to be done in the prescribed manner and are targeted at developing skills such as an eidetic memory, strong math and oratory skills, speed reading, sports prowess, encyclopedic knowledge, creativity, logical thinking, and more.

Since its inception, the company has already catered to thousands of babies and their parents. Although fresh in the market, the duo aims to cater to around 1 million babies worldwide by expanding their existing product portfolio and tap into new markets in the following years.

"I and my husband Raghav did not want our son to face the same learning difficulties as me. Raghav spent more than 2,000 hours studying about learning, growth, and development in babies to create our proprietary Prodigy Framework and the Prodigy Baby System that helps babies reach their fullest potential in all fields of human abilities. When he applied the framework with our own baby, it resulted in miraculous moments every week which led to word getting around about it and the framework slowly germinating into a full-fledged company," adds Shraddha.

The Prodigy Framework and the Prodigy Baby System

The Raising Superstars' Prodigy Framework is a framework that defines the fundamentals of all intelligence in a person. It covers everything from Athleticism (physical abilities), Creativity (arts, drama, creative thinking, music), Intelligence (languages, speech, math, memory, logic, etc.) and Behaviour (personality, character, ethics and morality. The Prodigy Baby System is the world's first step-by-step system that helps parents implement the Prodigy Framework at home for their 0-2 year old baby with just 5 minutes of daily effort. The system is a set of simple 30-second activities, exercises and games that parents do to generate miraculous results and help their child leapfrog into prodigious abilities for life. It is unique in that it only takes 5 minutes every day, it can be done at home by the parents, and it involves no screen time, pressure, or any other kind of stress for the baby.

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