Crafting experiences: The artistic and culinary journey of Luv Dhingra

Crafting experiences: The artistic and culinary journey of Luv Dhingra

With roots in pioneering in-store branding across India and Southeast Asia, I ventured into the restaurant industry driven by a passion for art and...

With roots in pioneering in-store branding across India and Southeast Asia, I ventured into the restaurant industry driven by a passion for art and mixology. Starting with Lost Lemons in Gurgaon, I aimed to redefine dining experiences. Now expanding to Goa with Droplet, each venue embodies creativity, community, and personalized enjoyment.

Excerpts from an interview with Luv Dhingra, Founder of Trippy Tequila

1. What inspired you to start your restaurant, and what were your initial goals?

After establishing Metallicz Media as one of the largest and fastest companies to do in-store branding all across India and Southeast Asia, I decided to move into a new direction of following a passion very close to my heart. I always had the urge to put artists in focus and play around with liquor, which led me to raise curtains to my restaurant while wanting to add my own spin to this growing sector. I have a strong belief in utilising my earned riches by giving back to the community and bolstering the local party scene wherever I go which did become my first initial goal when I decided to build my growing empire.

2. Could you share a brief overview of your journey in the restaurant industry?

I embarked on this new journey with my first gastropub Lost Lemons in Gurgaon. Lost Lemons quickly became one of the most happening places in Delhi NCR due to its outstanding service, choice of artists, and stunning interiors. Lost Lemons, inspired me to expand my brand which resulted in opening another outlet in the heart of Noida by the name of Trippy Tequila. After setting a perfect place to have fun with your friends and family in Delhi NCR, I decided to expand my entertainment venues to the shores of Goa, with Droplet, a state-of-the-art club and

To me, my restaurants are not places to only come and visit but also places where excitement and curiosity are a part of your experience. You will remember the place because of the unique names also. However, these names have symbolism to them regarding the locations they are set in, but I like to keep these interpretations open-ended so that people can personalise their experience with what they feel the place means to them.

3. How do you see the food trends in India?

I always strive to have an edge over the others in the market and for me what matters is being better than my competition with my excellent team of chefs who are always on the lookout for enhancing the taste of our mouth-watering food options. I definitely believe that food should make a person happy, and happy food options are definitely a trend to follow.

4. What is the speciality of Trippy Tequila?

Trippy Tequila is well-known for its rooftop and the elevated experience that it provides its customers with two different terraces setting different vibes with distinguished music choices for people to enjoy at one place only. After all, your experience is improved when you enjoy the setting you are in, and giving that option of choice to the people creates all the difference. You know you would only make memories here and we make sure to provide you with the same with our ambience, food, drinks, and a great selection of music. performance venue in Candolim, Goa. In addition to our new ventures we are going to launch

5. What are the new techniques in food that help a restaurant grow?

It’s important to keep up with techniques in food to keep a restaurant growing. Some of the techniques I personally believe in always keeping a new variety of food options that keep the consumers happy and making sure that the presentation of the food is top-notch. We keep on curating special menus based on occasions, weather, and events to add a special flavour to our standard menu. There should always be ease and comfort for the customer to place their food orders, rather than them struggling to get it and that’s what defines a good restaurant.

6. How do you create an everlasting impression on the consumers' minds?

The key to making an everlasting impression is by bringing them a good experience, and always raising the bar from where you have started. Our servers are taught to keep a smile on their face to make our customers feel they are valued. Being stagnant and not bringing more things to the table is definitely not my style. I strongly stand by the thought of treating consumers as the most important people out there and providing them with comfort, ease, and a good time.

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