Adaptability - a crucial factor

Adaptability - a crucial factor

Adapting to situations or people is a great asset. It does wonders to our own well being.

Adapting to situations or people is a great asset. It does wonders to our own well being. By being adaptable, one is making way for better understanding with people; and having greater flair for getting things done in complicated settings. One thrives in social situations with a good element of adaptability.

How we adapt to situations or people depends mainly on our mindsets. Being in a right mindset does wonders. Adaptability can be defined as adjusting or accommodating ourselves to others perspective or situations. What is right from our point of view may not necessarily be right from others point of view and vice versa. We need to respect others' perspective and look at things from a different angle for a smooth flow.

Our maturity, understanding, humaneness, concern go a long way in creating amicable and smooth associations. If associations are to be smoothened, we must nurture them consistently. Lot of people face flak due to lack of empathy in human relationships.

Students with a good adaptability factor adapt to new situations, circumstances, environment and learning easily. They have a fairly good amount of self esteem and confidence & soar high in learning new skills sets.

Able leadership is linked to a flexible approach both to people & situations. Good leaders adapt more & are flexible. Students should enhance their adaptable nature to adjust to various situations they encounter. People with this skillset have a great deal of contentment.

Some of the adaptability skills:

Learning: Consistent learning makes one a better person. One broadens their perspective by widening their knowledge. Enhancing knowledge tools gears you to be a person of maturity & insight.

Be hopeful: One has to be positive even in difficult situations. No negative situation lasts long. It comes in as a great teacher with a silver lining.

Make mistakes: No one is perfect. As humans, we make mistakes knowingly or unknowingly. We need to take corrective measures to face situations in a practical way.

Ask questions: Asking questions improves our reasoning power. We are better equipped with factoids. Our awareness widens and we become more confident.

According to Sanskar, a student of IIT Hyderabad, adaptability paves the way for a better understanding with peers and family. It needs a lot of maturity and understanding to look at things from others perspective. Am adaptable to change but it takes a lot of time to come to terms with situations which we aren't prepared. I make it a point to accept people just as they are. By being adaptable, I bring out the best version of me.

In schools and colleges, students have to be groomed to know the importance of being adaptable. Flexibility quotient enables them to relate to others in a better way. Hence greater maturity and understanding is reached in various dimensions. This paves the way towards all round development of one's personality.

It is a fact that adaptable students are the most successful lot. They thrive in tough situations and circumstances. Students learn adaptability through situations and complex people. This brings about a change in the way they think through. They do better in all walks of life because of their adaptable nature. They become successful as they can navigate through any difficult situation.

Adaptability has to be practiced on all fronts to bring in the best results. It paves way for a brighter future. It enhances a better outlook to life's challenging problems. One therein develops a unique personality by being a better persona.

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