How AI-powered remote proctoring, digital evaluation retain credibility

How AI-powered remote proctoring, digital evaluation retain credibility

During the last three decades, the world has undergone a massive transformation due to the technological advancements around us.

During the last three decades, the world has undergone a massive transformation due to the technological advancements around us. The testing and assessment sector witnessed a technological disruption even before the pandemic crisis. Institutions and examination bodies had started experimenting with conducting large-scale examinations and employment tests online. Online examinations and allied features like remote proctoring, and digital evaluations slowly emerged.

The Covid-19-induced paradigm shift in learning and acquiring skills intensified digital transformation in the education and assessment sector. With this shift from offline to online education, remote assessments or online examinations by adopting cutting-edge technologies have become very useful, and often, necessary.

AI-enabled remote proctoring and digital evaluations have evolved as reliable modes to conduct large-scale high-stake assessments. These technologies ensure smooth and seamless processes and improve efficiency by reducing effort, time, and expenses.

Remote proctoring

When students take exams from their homes through internet-connected devices, it is crucial to guarantee the credibility of assessments. Virtual examinations and remote proctoring have become the need of the hour due to their availability, versatility, and security.

AI-based remote proctoring overcomes problems faced in traditional exams such as impersonation, malpractice, and human error. The AI-powered software monitors and detects any unusual activity through the candidates' webcam, mic, and keyboard and mouse movement, making it easier to keep a track of all the candidates who appear for the examination. Students' identities are validated through their authenticated photo IDs and facial recognition features. Since these technologies used for proctoring and assessing candidates are scalable and dependable, online examinations are being widely accepted across the globe.

Digital evaluation

Online evaluation (e-marking of answer scripts) reduces the likelihood of evaluation errors and the loss of answer scripts because they are uploaded to a cloud platform. It also reduces the likelihood of postponement in the release of results. The system notifies the evaluator if any answer section is missing. Furthermore, it tracks and evaluates each student's progress over time.

Improved credibility

By lowering many hurdles in administering examinations, the niche technologies are improving the efficiency of largescale examinations. Following are some of the benefits:

1. Scalable: AI-enabled remote proctoring and digital evaluation allow organisations to conduct both small and big examinations effectively.

2. Transparency: The entire examination process becomes transparent; there is no scope for bias.

3. Secure: These technologies ensure a high degree of security of questions, candidates' identities, and answer sheets. Also, it helps track and report misconduct in examinations.

4. Short turnaround time (TAT): As these features limit transportation of materials and people, planning and organising the examinations becomes faster, which helps quick result declaration.

5. Region agnostic: It helps assess candidates from even remote areas, very easily.

6. Cost-effective: The cost of assessment and testing is reduced with the deployment of these technologies.

Today's endeavour to improve access to digital solutions will benefit students and job-searching candidates in this country for years to come. With the changing scenario, we need to adopt such emerging technologies and implement them in the education and testing sector to provide a reliable and efficient outcome. Afterall, to excel in any sector, we must first be ready for change.

(The author is CEO, MeritTrac Services)

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