Parents as life skill mentors

Parents as life skill mentors

"You'll never be brave if you don't get hurt. You will never learn if you do not make mistakes. You'll never be successful if you don't encounter...

"You'll never be brave if you don't get hurt. You will never learn if you do not make mistakes. You'll never be successful if you don't encounter failure"-How many kids are told by their parents like this? It is very interesting to notice that though they have encountered various challenges during their life travel, they are not inclined to expose their children to challenges. This type of parenting is making the younger generation more self-effacing towards small and resolvable problems and running away by ruining the beautiful life.

The education and the tips supplied by it only making them more theoretical than practical. The education system that always preaches us to conserve nature but not get comprehension about the nature and its laws.

It was very apt remark of Ralf Waldo Emerson "Nature always wears the colures of the spirit"-That spirit has not grasped by the humankind and not able to make the future generations to grasp it. Whichever the animal that will make their young ones to learn life skills under its guidance and expose them to situations. But today's parents nurturing their children very lily-livered without supplying life skills and not even allowing them to face simple tasks. This type of parenting making them more nervous towards life and its usual happenings.

The education that they are receiving only focusing on their scholastic achievement instead of improving their social behavior. The schooling and its role is gradually fading away because the student tribe has to behave with more stupidity owing to parents' slothful behavior towards their wards. They are neglecting the remark of Jane .D.Hull "At the end of the most overwhelming key to a child success is the positive involvement of parents". Alas! The highly evolved animal man has forgotten the basic trait to supply the worthwhile commands to his kid due to evolution.

It is noticeable that according to Mahatma Gandhi, "There is no school equal to a decent home and no teacher equal to a virtuous parent"-So, parents should not overlook this concept. The parent community should have to follow a design …

S They should become role models for their kids:- Most of the kids are ignored by their parents but the kids are very intelligent and tend to follow their parents on all fronts. So, the parents should become a role model for his kids in all virtues.

S They should accept their kids' failures: - Failure is the stepping-stone to success. We all know that Thorndike's trial and error method concept that explains every living organism would try to succeed by utilizing more chances. Likewise, the kids will also experience failures for their accomplishments. The parents should have to respect the value of their sweats and never compare with others.

S They should guide them to knock new doors:-At present the parent community has no courage to make experiment with their children and not allowing them to try new things. This attitude is not good for our country in which multifarious skilled professionals are required. It's an appalling story that we are unable to produce a world-class scientist even after seven decades of the post-independent era.

S They should allow them to gratify their passion;-Most of the kids will answer it's their parents wish to see him as bla..bla..blaa...That it will reflect the parental pressure on the kids and the tyrannical attitude of the same. This type of parental behavior has become a major hunk in shaping up the future of the children and the country.

S Parents should notice kids' resilience: - Children become more accomplished when they are promoted even after failure. They are having enough capability to bounce back and to succeed if they are permitted to keep try after any hindrance. This will improve the self –trust of the kids. WE all know that "Self-trust" is the key to success".

S Parents should act as guides and trainers: - The parent community after realizing bout the resilience of their kids should have to act as guides and trainers. They have to notice the kids' passion and to encourage them to involve various activities such as music and sports. This will boost the morale of the kids and make them more confident.

S Parents should spend quality time with kids: - Mingling with your kids will make you more relaxed and make your kid more confident because they feel they have the wholehearted support of their parents for their endeavors. Do not belittle them irrespective of their grades and failures and offer to help them in facing smaller challenges that can make them face bigger challenges. The parents should try to rejoice their kids' insignificant accomplishments to make them more confident and famished for big.

The parents should not forget the Bill Ayers remark that "Your kids require you most of all to love them for who they are, not to spend your whole time trying to correct them".

Further, it is also necessary the parents should have to allow their kids to go for internships during their vacation to make them more socially acceptable beings. The education system should introduce this internship programme from high school standard that will make the children to cope up with the change of environment. It is a well-known fact that raising the children is a tough task and making them goal-oriented, rational, empathetically even tougher tasks during technology-driven society.

Therefore, parents should have to play an active and dynamic role in raising their kids. The parents should have to recognize the significance of Brian Tracy "If you raise your children to feel that they can accomplish any goal or task they decide upon, you will have succeeded as a parent and you will have given your children greatest blessings"

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