Social networking has become a web of life

Social networking has become a web of life

Man is a social animal; he intends to build relationships with fellow beings with the help of various tools. In the Cenozoic era, owing to the...

Man is a social animal; he intends to build relationships with fellow beings with the help of various tools. In the Cenozoic era, owing to the technological explosion the human tribe is facilitated to anchor its relationships with the help of social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+, etc. These social media sites will provide an opportunity for the user to interact and share with other users.

It is no secret that social networking makes the user more informative and interactive, to receive the latest information about the globe and its happenings. It was so right the remark of Erik Qualman about social media "The power of social media is it forces necessary change. The world has witnessed the impact of social networking in all areas such as politics, medicine, research, education, conservation, life skills, social awareness, marketing, promotion of a product, literally it has become omnipresent.

"Right now with social networks and other tools on the internet, all of these 500 million people have a way to say that they're thinking and have their voice to be heard" these words of Mark Zuckerberg reflect how the people twined with the social networking. It is an open secret of how social networking is making today's man more attentive towards changes in the world to respond.

We have seen how the photo of dead Syrian children shared in social media made the entire world to mourn and condemn the war and its consequences. The Australian bushfire and its consequences made everyone become aware that conservation is more vital for the survival for living beings.

Further, in our country, the political parties are extensively using social networking for making inroads into the masses as they evolved as bees in the hive of social networking. The governments also promoting these social networking tools for the efficient dissemination of the information and firm delivery of its services.

The remark of Bill Cosby "Social networking helps reach people easier and quicker" is righteous. In a vast country like ours, which is topographically much different, the information is reaching in split second and helping the people in all fronts. It is noticeable that there is no doubt that social networking facilitated us more at the same time it has destroyed the equilibrium of the relationships between the races.

For instance, creating awareness about the Covid-19 virus through social media reached the people making them more vigilant about the same. This has become possible through only social networking otherwise the humankind may have had to face the vilest consequences. Social networking is making the world to shrink.

The modern man's day starts with surfing and ends with the same, literally almost the entire humankind is in the grip of social networking on all fronts. Further, there is an opinion on certain sections of social media that they are peeping through the personal life of the users.

Social networking is providing an opportunity for humankind to share ideas and to involve in philanthropic activities. It has become a platform for oppressed and underprivileged to echo their voice. Of course, anti-social elements also can flare up hatred feelings among the races.

Social networking has both advantages and disadvantages depending on the person how he uses it. It is very appropriate to remember the remark of Erik Qualman "We don't have a choice on whether we do social media; the question is how well we do it".

Today with the advent of smartphones irrespective of status, everyone had their access to the internet and with social networking and sharing whatever they want without its impact society. Further, it has its clutches on the younger generations and making them addicts. This has become a big block on the road of development. The addiction to social networking making the people more psychologically imbalanced and mounting the stress on them.

The recent analysis has revealed that behavioural changes due to Facebook usage and not using it. This revelation had reflected that social networking has an impact on the biological clock of the user. The over usage of social networking has the younger generation more psychologically fragile and promoting towards more vicious acts.

A murmur is there that banning social networking will promote the de-addiction of the younger generation from the same, but forget not according to Amy Jo Martin" Social media is the ultimate equalizer. It gives a voice and a platform to anyone willing to engage".

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