Aloe and summers, a perfect combo!

Aloe and summers, a perfect combo!

Aloe and summers, a perfect combo!


When we talk about summers, we are instantly transported to breezy beaches, cool drinks, comfy cotton or linen clothing and our favourite sport leagues coming back

When we talk about summers, we are instantly transported to breezy beaches, cool drinks, comfy cotton or linen clothing and our favourite sport leagues coming back. While all this stands true, summers can also bring a wide array of skin problems.

Koushik Sreedhar, NIVEA India's R&D Expert shares, "We might've tried dozens of products to keep us cool during summers and feel comfortable in our own skin, however this magic ingredient puts an end to all our summer skincare woes. Aloe Vera is the perfect skincare fix as it offers the best comforting and refreshing solutions giving us clear, soft and supple skin we love to flaunt in our #SummerGetaway uploads."

While we gear up for yet another tropical quarter, let's try to understand why Aloe & Summers are the perfect combo for us:

Hydrate & moisturise for a soft, supple skin

It is highly advised to keep our skin hydrated during summers as our skin tends to become really dry and rough because of the constant loss of water and immense sweating while we go out for work or stay indoors. Applying hydration gels, creams and moisturizers with added benefits of Aloe can help in hydrating our skin. It also stands out to be a really soothing ingredient because of its cooling properties that help in rejuvenating us during those hot summer days.

All round sun protection

Aloe sunscreen lotions seem fit to be an all-round protection from the harmful UV rays that might have long-lasting effects on our skin. While we go out for our Sunday brunches, or tick off our wanderlust list, or even stay indoors working from home - protecting ourselves from the harmful UV rays is a must! Multipurpose products are also now available that have the dual benefits of a body lotion combined with sunscreen like Nivea's Aloe Protection Body Lotion with SPF 15. It not only protects our skin from the harmful UV rays of sun but also keeps it hydrated, soft and smooth and that is one secret pairing we can never miss.

An instant reliever in summers

The summer season can be very harsh on some of us suffering from dry skin issues. Aloe Vera is highly advised to people suffering from skin rashes, itches and summer skin burns for instant-relief and skin rejuvenation. The medicinal properties of Aloe Vera take care of our summer skincare woes and help in a faster recovery from sunburns or rashes. We should apply a generous amount on the affected area, and make sure we attend to the summer skin burns on the same day for a faster recovery.

A versatile and compatible ingredient

Aloe Vera is one of the most versatile ingredients that should be our go-to-choice in the DIY summer skincare regime that we've been planning. While Aloe is also known for its hair-care benefits, it can be used in face packs, refreshing skin creams and sunscreen body lotions. One of the pros of Aloe is that it is compatible with almost all skin types.

So, why wait longer? Say Aloe to your summer with the perfect combo and get shopping before it gets too hot to handle! Explore a plethora of options and benefits of this super-ingredient for summers.

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