Good food for victory!

Good food for victory!

This Dasera, get rid of all the evil caused by unhealthy foods…

Urgently comprehend that the Indian food is our route to a victorious life infused with abundant, radiating energy it's time we go back to our roots as an Indian diet is packed with vegetables, good quality fat found in coconut and ghee, a huge choice of grains as it's not only wheat and rice but lots of millets and a variety of vegetarian protein. To top it, it is flavoured with spices that have amazing healing properties.

We must realise that simple foods boost our immune system and shield our body from any form of the disease. So, in the festive season, overturn the effects of hidden 'legalized illegal drugs' on your plate found in today's foods. Please understand that food is not just a cause in the matter at hand, but it forms the basis of the matter that affects us. It's not about self-denial, but training to hit the bull's eye by eating nourishing food instead of dead food, the reward is a healthy, strong, beautiful body with a sound mind. In today's time, we all could do with that extra edge in our life.

Bad food is the main root of all evil spiritual, mental and physical troubles that we face daily. In all our historical texts, it's very evident that the only foods that the Gods would consume would be fresh fruits, luscious green vegetables, and wholesome grains. Looking at the present-day scenario, our diets contain highly refined food, has added colour and preservatives and the ratio between the number of saturated fats and artificial sugar to fresh fruits and vegetables is alarmingly high. There has to be a reason why the Deities we worship, ate the food they ate, as they believed in the power of fresh fruit and green vegetables. I wonder why we don't inculcate the same eating lifestyle so that we can make our bodies more powerful by ridding it of all the evil caused by unhealthy food. If we can maintain excellent food habits, then we can achieve something extraordinary. Staying healthy in an unhealthy world is the need of the day.

I call these foods 'Legalised Illegal Drugs'. Mindlessly, we put in white sugar, white flour, preservatives, pesticides and refined foods that are like the evil, steadily poisoning the mind, body and soul. Like ocean waves consistently crashing onto rocks shaping them, these foods lash onslaughts of attacks on the body at times causing irreversible damage.

Simple addition and not restrictions in daily food is the key, rather than deprivation. Add organic food, (food is grown without chemicals and pesticides) vegetables, fruits, whole grains, pulses, healthy fats, spices and lots of water daily!

So, let's switch to good food and stop the self-destruction around and within us, like Goddess Durga, who fights against the evil and always comes out victorious and these Dasera lets welcome good health with good sweets and savouries not compromising on flavour thus satisfying your taste buds.

Healthy snacks

Potato and purple yam chaat

Baked samosa

Aloo veggie pattice



Makana and dahi chat

Bread dahi wadas

Instant semolina patties


Healthy sweets:

Jaggery sandesh

Payassam made with jaggery coconut milk

Gajar halwa/Doodhi halwa with jaggery

Srikhand with stevia

Fruit chaat

Mishto dahi made from palm jaggery

Gud ki roti

Sweets made from dry fruit and nuts

Kheer sweetened with stevia

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