Birthday Boy Sudheer Babu Turns As Monday's Fitness Inspo

Birthday Boy Sudheer Babu Turns As MondayBirthday Boy Sudheer Babu Turns As Monday’s Fitness Inspo

The lockdown period has turned many of you into couch potatoes… Staying at home all day, most of you are having free time with families and watching the prime series on the televisions, isn’t it? Yes…

The lockdown period has turned many of you into couch potatoes… Staying at home all day, most of you are having free time with families and watching the prime series on the televisions, isn't it? Yes…

But along with having fun with family, one needs to maintain their body and go with a healthy lifestyle to stay away from the diseases. You need to build a strong immune system with healthy foods and make your body toned with home-style workouts.

Today we Hans India have come up with birthday boy SudheerBabu's workout videos to rule out your Monday blues and make you get inspired as well… Have a look!

Sudheer made us go awe with his unique style of workouts… He is seen running while his son holding him back with an elastic belt. This is just awesome. One can try it at home using an elastic belt and also involve their children in this superb way of burning calories…

Wow… What a fit body and that jump, it is just a killer one… Jumping high in the air and joining both hands and legs is just possible for a workout freak and a pro!!! Sudheer is a master in doing these type of workouts!

Well, SudheerBabu also shared a 5-day intense workout plan in this quarantine period… Have a look!

Day 1 – Workout Regime

This is the first video and the Day 1 of the workout style… Sudheer also mentioned that this video will help all the people who don't have gyms at their homes. The prep should be started with push-ups as shown in the video.

• First one goes with 8-15 steps holding backup with all the weight you can bear.

• The second one goes with incline chest press… He is seen doing push-ups holding the sofa (8-15 steps).

• The third one is Decline chest process… Now place your legs on the sofa and go with push-ups.

• Now the fourth one is holding the football… One needs to press the football with their hands and carry on with the push-ups.

• Next going with a little bit different type of push-ups with keeping hands as shown in the video…

• The sixth one is just like lifting the weights with your hands. You need to hold the backpack and do it in the same way.

• The seventh one is, you need to place the 2-litre water bottles in a cover and lift them with your hand just like holding the dumbles.

• The final one is climbing the stairs… You need to do it for 8-15 minutes and complete the day 1 workout…

Day 2 – Workout Regime…

• The first one is holding the towel and lying down on the stomach. Do stretch your hands as shown in the video.

• The second one goes with the door… Tighten your towel with the handles of the door and stretch your hands and legs.

• The third one you need to raise both the hands and legs at once lying on the stomach.

• Next goes with placing the towel on the top of the door and lifting your body holding the door.

• Then goes with sofa… In the sitting position go with the push-ups.

• The last one is the push-up with the triceps…

Day 3: Workout Regime

This video includes workouts with props like towel, chairs and a few up-side-down poses in SudheerBabu's style!

Day 4: Workout Regime

• The first one is 20 frog jumps placing the hands at your neck.

• Next single leg squats for 8-15 minutes with using a chair as a prop.

• Then goes the lunges with the chair… Place your leg on the chair and go with the push-ups.

• Then goes the workout for thighs… Bend your body placing your legs widened as shown in the video.

• The next one is placing one leg on a prop like a box and balancing by legs by going with a high-low workout.

Finally, Day 5: Workout Regime

• It is the high-intensity one with all the workout poses shown by SudheerBabu…

• The first one is jumping jacks…

• Next is push-ups with mountain climbers… Then the third one is bending on your legs by placing them straight and bending your whole body.

• The next ones are easy yet effective one but they tone your legs and muscles!!!

So, we suggest Sudheer and own a toned body!!!

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