If you are a coffee lover, here is it something that you should know

If you are a coffee lover, here is it something that you should know

There are millions of people who kick start their exquisite day with a cup of coffee or tea.

There are millions of people who kick start their exquisite day with a cup of coffee or tea. But there is something very interesting, if you depend on coffee or tea just to keep you alert then in actual it isn't working anything for you, researchers said.

So, what exactly does tea or coffee do to keep you awake till late hours? It's the caffeine content present in it. Caffeine is a natural stimulant substance that is evident in coffee, tea, and other energy drinks too. It acts as a stimulating agent that drives our brain to keep us alert and awake.

How much amount of caffeine is safe for an adult to consume in a day?

Tea indeed contains some content of caffeine though not more than coffee, but it depends on the kind of tea you are consuming. White tea contains about one-third the amount of caffeine as that of one cup of coffee while herbals are caffeine-free.

According to the medical news today, it is said that most of the adults can safely consume 200-300mg per day and anything that exceeds the amount would lead to sleep hassles. In any case,if you think that consumption of caffeine frequently is affecting your regular sleep, then it is better advisable to reduce the level of consumption instead of abruptly stopping consuming. However, occasional consumption of caffeine is fine but it should not be used as an alternative for replacing your sleep.

What exactly caffeine does? And how it works exactly?

It's very simple. There are adenosine receptors in our brain acts as an inhibitory neurotransmitter. Adenosine acts as a sedative sleeping pill which suppresses you from arousing. So as and when we drink coffee, the caffeine content in coffee binds with these adenosine receptors in our brain and prevents us from getting tired.

Science says that it is okay to drink 25 cups of coffee per day which is quite impossible for a common man. According to the Guardian, it is said that "a new study was conducted on 8000 people across the United Kingdom at the Queen Mary University of London, partly-funded by the British Heart Foundation has found that, the people who drank 25 cups of coffee were no more likely to have stiffening of arteries than those who drank less than one cup a day", researchers said.

However, the regular intake of caffeine, lets your brain develops more of adenosine receptors. It means, more caffeine is required to elicit the same response. If you quit drinking coffee or might have forgotten to consume coffee for a day, it makes you feel fatiguedfor the whole day. Drinking coffee and keeping you awake turned out to be a cyclical process which isn't a good sign if you make it a habit.

Side effects that cause to your body when you intake a high dose of caffeine:

 Women face problems during pregnancy. Overconsumption of caffeine during pregnancy will lead to miscarriage which is one of the most common types of loss during pregnancy.

 Raise your blood pressure.

 Increase urination where you'll urinate many times than actually, you do in a day.

 Your bones become weaker the older you grow and it may break easily.

 Frequent headaches due to more intake of caffeine or not consumed for a day.

 Acts as a temporary reliever for stress and dizziness which isn't to be a source to keep you active.

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