Infertility major problem for humans

Infertility major problem for humans

Infertility major problem for humans


Dr Padmaja Divakar, Fertility IVF Specialist, from Dr Padmaja Fertility Centre, talks about the reasons of infertility and shares solutions for the same

Some basic reasons for alarmingly growing infertility among humans, across the world: Genetic problems and hormonal imbalance which need to be corrected medically/surgically.

Malformed uterus in size and shape, or uterus absent by birth or removed for cancer/profused PPH bleeding/ injury, etc... Here surrogacy only can help the couple to have their baby.

Blocks in fallopian tubes, which rarely could be cleared, it’s a simple HSG, scan can detect the problem & IVF procedure only can help the couple have their baby.

For women with a tubectomy (or done) who want to have a baby, TUBOPLASTY (Recanalisation - a reversal of tubectomy) or IVF is needful to help the couple.

Low ovarian reserve in women also is an issue of concern today and Egg(Oocyte Donor) only is the answer.

Low sperm count in men, some genetic and some lifestyle reasons, and usually improvement isn’t possible. ICSI is the answer and if it’s Azoospermia (zero counts), or 100% dead sperm may need a sperm donor on the concurrence of the consent of both wife & husband.

Sociological issues like belated marriages, as in present-day youngsters are not considering marriage/starting a family before 30 years by which right reproductive prime time is over.

Workplace hazards like stress, unusual working time online, use of gadgets, abnormal food habits, lack of rest, etc. are also main reasons for today’s infertility among humans, which need to be corrected to the extent possible by youngsters and plan marriage at the right age.

Global causes for alarmingly raising infertility among USA ross the world, like water/air/soil pollution, unmindful use of pesticides/chemicals in fields forming into residues in farm products, overuse of plastics, global warming, etc. are also the main reasons for this menace and humanity globally have to resolve to bring down all these unwanted situations across the globe. This’s to just enlighten all the friends to understand an important issue which touches everyone’s life.

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