Indians still fear for plastic surgeries

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As soon as people consider the word plastic surgery, they relate it with something unnatural, oversized breast implants or absurd looking faces.

As soon as people consider the word plastic surgery, they relate it with something unnatural, oversized breast implants or absurd looking faces. Most people just imagine the worst-case scenario and create doubts on their own. Others believe that plastic surgery is only approached by desperate people who want to fit in the societal ideals of beauty. However, people just dismiss the core fact that plastic surgery is all about enhancing what a person already has in the most subtle way to nourish self-confidence.

As per years of experience and thousands of consultation Dr Priti Shukla from Ambrosia Clinic in Hyderabad, she believes that these doubts are generally born out of the following reasons:

Alien concept

Plastic surgery being relatively uncommon in most Indian cities except metros. It's still a foreign term that is associated with the roaring description of being dangerous.

Dangerous procedures

Another common belief is that surgery is risky and to be done only when unavoidable. People often ignore the advancements in the field of plastic surgery which had made it safer than ever and judge it with the same perception as it was a few decades back.

Lack of awareness

Most people are just unaware of the emotional aspect of plastic surgery.

They just link it with physical beauty oblivious to the fact that appearance defects can cause severe mental distress in people and that plastic surgery can make lives easier and happier.

Above everything, what keeps the people away from the plastic surgery world is the fear which takes on different forms for different people:

Fear of death

Most people live with the assumption that plastic surgeries are so unsafe that they won't survive such procedures. However, as per reviews, modern technology has led to rare chances of complications in plastic surgery. Most plastic surgeries today are day care surgeries.

Fear of judgements of society

What will society say? Even after so much modernization, the conservative beliefs of people have still stayed where they were decades back. People still think of what other people will say before considering their wishes. Most of the people who had gone under the knife even shy away from owning it. Plastic surgery is still something that is whispered into best friend's ears with a promise that they won't tell anyone else.

Fear of side effects

The fear of having undesirable results or disastrous complications is a big obstacle for people to jump across for undergoing plastic surgery. No doubt, there is risk associated with any type of surgery but another big truth is that an experienced surgeon can handle the complications and ensure that the result comes out positive even when few things go down the road.

Fear induced by negative feedbacks of surgery on the internet

So many negative reviews on the internet about overdone might dishearten you but at the same time why don't you also put your efforts to browse the millions of positive feedbacks and then weigh it out.

(Dr Priti Shukla has been a practicing plastic surgeon since 2001 and currently owns a private aesthetic centre, Ambrosia Clinic in Hyderabad)

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