Looming presence of the 'family' in Indian politics

Looming presence of the family in Indian politics

Looming presence of the 'family' in Indian politics


India is the only country among world nations wherein family rule has been a phenomenal success

India is the only country among world nations wherein family rule has been a phenomenal success. The concept of "family rule" has deeper roots in India ever since the latter had attained Independence in 1947. Hence, during the past 74 years of India's history of Independence, there have been several families which had the opportunities to rule at the States and also at the Centre. In fact, people of no other country except India has had the uninterrupted opportunity to adorn the seat of power in political field , thanks to the legacy availed to the members of the same family due to voters' choice of franchise and support in favour of the latter in our biggest democracy.

Though, family rule has not been a constitutional right or a compulsion, it all has set to exist as a part of our political mechanism ever since the days of Independence when Nehru was the first Prime Minister. Family rule adopted by some politicians in the past as well as in the present is none the less a practice of nepotism whereby instances of power transferred from certain prominent leaders into the hands of their progeny is not uncommon.

When two or more members of the same family acquire / share power in politics, it sets to provide an undeterred privilege for the former to amass huge wealth during the time of their clinging to power. Thus it is a traditional activity for certain people to not only benefit out of power they hold but also consolidate their wealth base in no uncertain terms. Thus family rule is a collective effort of the same family to achieve political gains as well as acquire influence and affluence to the optimum possible level as ordained by virtue of their political power secured through the process of democratic elections.

The leaders of political parties in case of getting opportunity to field their own members of family in elections and get elected can only have the privilege to indulge in family rule made possible through people's mandate. A family rule adopted by certain ruling parties of States often becomes an eyesore for the opposition party leaders who commonly launch criticism and tirade against the former on the contention that they have been looting public property collectively being part of one single family.

While despotic rule is confined to a single traitor, family rule is similar to dictatorship in so far as the governance is concentrated in a single person who is basically responsible for roping in power and authority at his own whims and fancies. It is a shot in the arm for many politicians to indulge themselves in this most gainful activity as there is no provision to dispense away with this advantage legally and constitutionally in our democracy wherein the people have no scant disregard for the same. It was during the erstwhile congress rule and all other regional party governances of the present times in the States or at the centre that family rule had prevailed, but during current BJP ruled governance family rule is seldom conspicuous in the political arena.

Since family rule is the politics of convenience adopted by some politicians with an aim to spread their political base and popularity to satiate their selfish goals, it is high time that on similar lines with the BJP , a legislation was brought about to deal with the aspect of family rule and curtail the freedom of politicians in entertaining their family members to take part in family rule which is a trend widely prevalent now in the political scenario of our nation.

— Bh. Indu Sekhar, Hyderabad

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