MyVoice: Views of our readers 24th August 2021

MyVoice: Views of our readers 14th September 2021

MyVoice: Views of our readers 14th September 2021


Though Tanguturi Prakasam was not in the Congress party in 1953, he was recommended by the then Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru for the post of first Chief Minister of Andhra Rashtram

Truly, a great son of Bharat

Though Tanguturi Prakasam was not in the Congress party in 1953, he was recommended by the then Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru for the post of first Chief Minister of Andhra Rashtram. Huge properties acquired in Ongole, Rajahmundry and Madras as an eminent lawyer were sacrificed in service of the needy and the country during the freedom struggle. He daringly showed his chest before British armed forces to shoot him if they can. This challenge earned him the title 'Andhra Kesari'. Prakasam Pantulu was born poor and died in utter poverty. Do we have such patriots, philanthropists, politicians and statesmen today? I trust certainly not as today it is not practicable to emulate this stalwart.

N Ramalakshmi, Secunderabad

Need for caste-based census

Of late, there is a growing demand for caste-based census from many political parties across India. The ruling BJP too seemingly has no qualms to comply with the demand. Caste is a harsh reality in India. The political parties try their hand to win the votes on caste basis at hustings in the name of social engineering. So, one does not need to think that such exercises like carrying out caste-based census may crystallise the divisions in society on caste lines. Instead, such exercise can give the government a clear idea on which group stands where on the scale of development. The socio-economic assessment will not be complete without numerical data of various castes. The ultimate goal must be annihilation of caste by narrowing differences among multitude of castes. The caste-based census will not be a retrograde step in that direction.

Dr DVG Sankararao, Vizianagaram

Kerala's foolhardy decision

It is shocking that a well-organised and high literacy state like Kerala in the country is heading towards attracting the highest number of Corona 3rd wave infections following easing of curbs for the Onam celebrations. Festivals are certainly moments of joy and togetherness, but the state is bound to protect its citizens from the scourge. The state may differ with the centre on several issues but has to follow all the restrictions laid down by the Centre as far as handling the issue of Covid wave is concerned.

Katuru Durga Prasad Rao, Hyderabad

Indians' fixation with dynastic rule

Kudos to the column 'Bad Angle' by Ramu Sarma (THI 22.8.21). The dynastic democratic rule in modern India is discussed very well. The root cause of this lies in the ethos of Hindu culture wherein the ruler is equated to God irrespective of his identity vis-a-vis caste, community region or religion. Thus, we have kings, princes, Nawabs, Zamindars, Doras, not to forget queens and princesses, who have been revered and their progeny is given tumultuous adulation as and when their turn comes. We Indians have been carrying this saga forward even after we attained independence. No wonder we follow traditions irrespective of the type of regime we have. The Patnaiks, Biju and Naveen, are as different as chalk and cheese. Biju is a daredevil whereas Naveen is stoic. Biju's heroics as a pilot are folklore among Indian and Indonesian freedom fighters. For his services, Indonesia conferred on him 'Bhoomi Putra,' the highest civilian honour ever given to a foreign national at that time. The shrewd Naveen had the temerity of breaking his ties with BJP at the fag-end of his second term as CM and yet remaining a strong CM for a fifth consecutive term. The sagacious chief of BJD remains as a conditional ally of BJP at centre, Both Patnaiks are a boon to the progress of Odisha.

I have a minor suggestion to the author naming his column as 'Bad Angle.' As a matter of fact and context, it should be named as 'Right Angle,' for every story or column will have different angles and in the instant case it is 'Right.'

Madhava Rao, Hyderabad

False rape charges hurt deply

The observation by the Delhi High court that false rape cases are on the rise is a matter of concern. Some frivolous ladies in order to arm-twist the accused and make them succumb to their demands, file charges like this. Maybe they are not aware that false allegations of rape have the potential to destroy the life and career of the accused. The accused in such false rape cases loses his honour, cannot face his family and is stigmatised for life. If exemplary costs were imposed on the litigants, this type of false cases can be minimised.

TSN Rao, Bhimavaram

Hurriyat factions deserve ban

It is heartening to know that Hurriyat Conference in Jammu and Kashmir will be banned for its anti-national, and secessionist activities, under the stringent Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act. The Hurriyat Conference is a conglomerate of 26 groups, including pro-Pak groups and banned outfits like Jamaat-e-Islam, JKLF among others. It has always worked against the national interests to divide the nation. This anti-national group regularly visited the Pakistan embassy in New Delhi, whenever their leaders camped in Delhi as if Pakistan fitted more, in its priority of things that angered every Indian, about which Congress was silent all the time. The Centre's move will help realise the long-pending wish of by Indians, who have been a mute witness to the blatant activities of these anti-nationals.

K V Raghuram, Wayanad

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