MyVoice: Views of our readers 25th July 2021

Views of our readers 18th August 2021

Views of our readers 18th August 2021


Apropos ‘Antithesis of freedom and expression’ by Madabhushi Sridhar Acharyulu (July 20, 2021)

Sedition law has not outlived its purpose

Apropos 'Antithesis of freedom and expression' by Madabhushi Sridhar Acharyulu (July 20, 2021). When sedition is not a ground for 'reasonable restriction' on freedom of speech and expression guaranteed under Article 19 (1) (A) under the Indian Constitution, why fear the law? But, it is not difficult to make out the true intentions of those indulging in it, go beyond a point, in the guise of freedom of speech and expression, to give vent to their anti-national intentions and agenda. We cannot attribute redundancy to a law for the simple reason that it was conceived during the British rule in India. To call the sedition law having outlived its purpose is wrong. India is a democratic country with an unlimited freedom and liberty to express, with no holds barred oneself for purposes of course correction and constructive criticism.

To retain Section 124A of the Indian Penal Code since India became free is more relevant than ever in the present times when NGOs and human rights organisations have become vicious instruments for the purposes of anti-national activity by political and religious groups in the country.

K R Parvathy, Mysuru

Touching tribute to Stan Swamy

THI (July 20) has published the touching hearing of Stan's case posthumously and Justice Shinde et al of Mumbai HC made an atypical obituary-like reference to Stan that they had a great respect for him. They recalled how they empathised with his condition and allowed shifting to the hospital of his choice. They also recalled his service to the underprivileged masses and remembered how they'd seen humanity angle in his and also Varavara Rao's bail. I like to relate the court proceedings with Mahatma Gandhi as the 'convict' or 'under trial.' The Colonial Judiciary stood in honour as he entered and when he was optimistic of his winning the case the judge said he would be more pleased. Stan is immortal now.

Dr T Ramadas, Visakhapatnam.

The Silence Speaks!

Yes, Dr Manmohanji it is true that the country is in need of scheduling its "priorities to ensure a dignified life for all Indians" (THI 24-7-2021). Sirji, at present the central government interprets the phrase "all Indians" in a different way. The farmers, workers/labour, Dalits and Minorities, the intellectuals and creative artists are not included in their list of Indians.

When Stan Swamy, the tribal rights fighter, died recently, sensible Indian citizens and human rights organisations cried aloud against the injustice involved in his death. But the so-called leaders, who claim to be with Dalits and Adivasis and for Dalits and Adivasis, remained in selective silence. To work for and support the deprived people of this country is a crime now. At present we have a capitalist government in the guise of democratic government. It is unfortunate that the educational institutions which are headed by the "yes Government '' are in favour of suppression of critical thinkers and intellectuals to give right direction to the heads of the state. In the name of national education, the government is planning and expecting to produce robots but not humans with values.

Thummapudi Bharathi, Tirupati

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