Over 38,000 qualified teachers keen to teach abroad: Survey

Over 38,000 qualified teachers keen to teach abroad: Survey

Schools in the USA, UAE, and UK often need international teachers and actively recruit experienced Indian teachers

Bengaluru: Highlighting a growing interest observed amongst experienced Indian teachers to access international opportunities, Suraasa, a career-tech and skill-tech start-up for teachers, has conducted a survey that unfolds the same in a detailed report. The report focuses on the fact that most of the Indian teachers seeking opportunities abroad are driven by their extensive experience and teaching qualifications.

The Founder and CEO of Suraasa, Rishabh Khanna says, "After working for a few years in the job, teachers realize how upskilling can open up new career paths and opportunities abroad that may not have been available to them with their current skills and their current level of education. There is a huge need for continued support and resources to help these teachers reach their full potential and make a meaningful impact on education in India and worldwide."

This survey recorded responses from 38,000 teachers looking to teach abroad and highlights the expertise and talent of the Indian teaching community. The findings are eye-opening, with 85.6% of the respondents being experienced educators. The report delves deeper into the experience, expertise, qualifications, and motivations of these experienced teachers and provides key findings based on the data collected from the survey.

Out of 38,000 teachers who participated in the survey, 32,529 (85.6%) have experience in teaching. This includes 16,507 teachers (50.9%) with 5+ years of experience, 8,460 (26.09%) with 2-5 years of experience, and 7,562 (23.25%) with 0-2 years of experience. Experienced Indian teachers say they seek greater challenges after working in their home country and hope to find them by teaching abroad. Schools in the USA, UAE, and UK often need international teachers and actively recruit experienced Indian teachers. This presents an excellent chance for recognition of their skills and expertise in an international teaching setting.

The survey also highlights that these experienced teachers are open to teaching in top international schools in India, which offer access to quality resources, exposure to diverse cultures, and opportunities for career advancement.

The survey also highlights the high level of expertise and qualification among experienced Indian teachers seeking opportunities to teach abroad. Out of the 32,529 experienced teachers, 68.73% hold a teaching qualification. This underlines the significance of having the right teaching qualifications. This includes 16,281 teachers (72.82%) with a Bachelor's in Education, 3,001 teachers (13.42%) with a Master's in Education, 2,333 teachers (10.43%) with a Diploma in Teaching, and the remaining 743 (3.32%) with a Ph.D. in Education. A recognised teaching qualification is often a legal requirement for practicing as a teacher in many countries and is essential for obtaining a teaching license. It is a crucial step in a teacher's career progression, leading to opportunities for advancement and specialization within the field of education.

With a growing shortage of teachers in the field of education, India has the potential to provide valuable support by contributing skilled and qualified teachers. By generating a steady stream of qualified and skilled teachers, India could address the shortage of teachers in its own and other countries. This, in turn, could create opportunities for Indian teachers to achieve success at an international level, further enhancing the country's reputation in the field of education.

These surveyed teachers seek to enhance their skills and competitiveness in the global education market, indicating a proactive approach to self-development. It also presents a clear need for upskilling programmes to help teachers acquire the necessary skills and become competitive candidates in the global education market.

The survey showed that most respondents were interested in teaching subjects such as English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics, which are not only commonly taught in India but also in demand in countries like the USA, UK, and UAE.

On one hand, Indian teachers with expertise in these fields are highly sought after, which highlights their potential to succeed as teachers in international settings. On the other hand, these teachers can gain international exposure, bring back valuable experience, and create opportunities for cross-cultural exchange and collaboration between Indian and international teachers. This can help us build a stronger, more enhanced education system.

The survey found a considerable number of aspiring teachers (5,471 respondents) who are eager to explore new opportunities in the global education sector. While it is encouraging to see their interest in teaching abroad, it is equally important to provide growth opportunities for them in India.

By offering resources for professional development, mentorship, and career advancement, we can enhance the Indian teacher workforce and improve the education system in the country. The survey highlights the significance of professional experience in shaping the career paths of Indian teachers and emphasises the need for continuous support to help them achieve their potential and make a global impact in education.

The survey report demonstrates the need for continued support and resources to help these teachers reach their full potential and make a meaningful impact on education worldwide. The high demand for teachers with specific skills and qualifications in international education markets creates a tremendous opportunity for Indian teachers to grow and succeed. India becoming a source of qualified teachers globally would be a win-win situation for the country and the rest of the world.

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