Why 200 units for consumers who use 100 units ?: Siddaramaiah

Karnataka chief minister Siddaramaiah

Karnataka chief minister Siddaramaiah


Mysuru : State chief minister Siddaramaiah said that people are demanding 200 units of free electricity for everyone. Why give 200 units to...

Mysuru : State chief minister Siddaramaiah said that people are demanding 200 units of free electricity for everyone. Why give 200 units to someone who uses 100 units in a year? It is misuse . Speaking at the thanks giving meeting held in Biligere village of Nanjangudu taluk, on Saturday he said that those who use 190, 180, 70 units it will be free . I told officials to take an average of one year. We will give an additional 10% of it. He said that those who use 200 units of power it will be free in future.

There are about 1 crore 28 lakh families in Griha Jyoti Karnataka. We will give 2 thousand per month to the owner of all these families. If the mother-in-law becomes the mistress, we will give it to the mother-in-law. If the daughter-in-law becomes a mistress, we will give it to the daughter-in-law. Out of that, we will not give rs 2000 to who have registered for IT and GST tax. We also give pension to senior citizens and disabled people. Will give rs 2000 for all APL, BPL card holders from August 15. T

We will keep up our promise As mentioned we are implementing 5 guarantees. We are not corrupt like BJP. Under Annabhagya Yojana, 10 kg of rice will be distributed free from June 1. 10 kg rice is given free to BPL card holders. He said that women will be allowed free travel in KSRTC buses under Shakti Yojana.

The congress election campaign started in Karnataka through the Bharat Jodo Yatra, which boosted the enthusiasm and motivation of the activists. The workers have put as much effort as DK Shivakumar. So thank you all. I came to the constituency for campaigning only three days ago. Dr. Yathindra Siddaramaiah gave me a seat. He himself would not have put in so much effort if he was a candidate. So I would like to thank him very much. he said

The people of the state were fed up with the misrule of the BJP government. So people voted for Congress for new change. Earlier I was CM after winning from Varuna constituency. Once again I won from Varuna constituency and became the Chief Minister. All this is the power given by the people of Varuna constituency. I will not contest in the next election. But I will continue in active politics. He said that I will serve people till my last breath.

Siddaramaiah said that he is confident of winning 20 out of 28 seats in the Lok Sabha elections. The BJP has started to tremble because of our guarantee schemes. BJP is in danger of losing the Lok Sabha elections. We will win at least 20 seats in the state in MP elections. Narendra Modi government will lose Lok Sabha elections. He said that Congress will come to power again.

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